Which players to Draft? Top 8 Fantasy takes for Week 27 of the OWL

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Playoffs? We’re talking about playoffs? It’s time.

With one final week leading up to the Countdown Cup followed by an uneven mix of closing matches to even out the games played category, it’s time to start thinking about playoffs in your season long leagues. A very long 2020 has brought us to this point.

Come playoffs, it’s easy to overthink every decision, try to predict the exact team compositions and outcome of every match to eke out every last fantasy point. Before you do, let’s stop and take a look back at what decisions got you to your league playoffs because let’s face it – if you’re reading this and sticking with your team, you’re already doing point #1:

  • Stick with it. Fantasy is a game of attrition and with the third mini tournament coming up and a week that has some low value and/or repetitive matches coming up, it’s easy to forget about your team. Where others get lazy, it’s an opportunity to get ahead.
  • Embrace the chaos. We’ve seen some unexpected team changes and individual player changes in the past week. Hero pools or not, some moves and outcomes just can’t be predicted, so plan a lineup that will succeed even if your matchup/meta predictions are wrong.
  • Stay positive. Fantasy involves luck and the best team doesn’t always win. Think of it like Poker – your high skill level has brought you to the playoffs of your league, but you can’t guarantee a win on any given hand.
  • Stick with your studs. Play your players that got you here unless you’ve seen a key change in recent play time.

Meta Considerations

Even with the Brigitte armor pack nerfs, Genji has still largely ruled the field. However, with hero bans removed from play this week, we have to look back to the Summer Showdown to revisit the pre Brig nerf primary compositions of Orisa/Sigma & Brigitte/Bap with a lot of Echo/Genji/Ashe. While we may return to some similar version of this setup, we have seen a lot of Winston/Zarya & Brig/Zen with Tracer/Genji/Sombra/Ashe. Even though I lean towards life settling back to the aforementioned Summer Showdown compositions, it is evident that the dive compositions have their place on certain maps and on certain teams. Said another way, I think it’s folly to predict exact compositions this week so start a roster than can survive both metas and take close notes for the following week’s Countdown Cup. After all, we did see a Junkrat tire kill onto a Symmetra this week.


Your Top 8 Player Considerations

  1. Many teams in the past two weeks have brought in surprise players who have played only Zarya. Bianca making his season debut? Lateyoung in for Chengdu? Sasin back in the lineup for the Spark? Mirror moving from DPS to Zarya? Michelle getting consistent play time? We’ve seen mixed success from these players so I’m not pinning my entire season on the back of Bianca, Lateyoung, or any of these players. While they are worth a speculative add if you have been stashing players like Soon/Nico, Surefour, or KSF, they are too risky to play this week and are only usable next week if we continue to see Zarya through the hero pool change. Similarly, it harshly devalues Hotba, Elsa, QOQ, and Space. So, what are we supposed to do? Don’t be afraid to start a main tank in a close matchup over your recently subbed out offtanks if you’re not confident your offtank is going to play. For example, Dallas Fuel’s Gamsu.
  1. Chengdu is back! This team has been bad for too long and their players have produced poorly in fantasy on the losing end of short matches. But, with a coaching change, this team looks reinvigorated. I personally have dropped some of my Hunters in the previous few weeks, but am picking some of them backup. Jinmu’s lovable high risk/high reward Genji has been racking up fantasy points, Leave’s Ashe has been one of the league’s best the past two weeks, and Molly’s also been putting up numbers. Keep an eye on the Elsa/Lateyoung situation for one other potential starter during the Countdown Cup. All that said, don’t forget Chengdu is more Chengdu than ever – they could 3-0 or 0-3 any opponent on any given day and you only have yourself to blame if you start their players. That said, I’ll be closely eying them in the Countdown Cup.
  1. Since Babybay retired, Edison/Erster have seen 100% play time. I would not hesitate to slot either of these players into your lineup, especially if an annoyed owner previously dropped Erster.
  2. Beware your Shock DPS. The last time we’ve seen a reasonably close match with this team was July 5th. While Taiyo has not been bad, it remains clear that Ans/Striker/Rascal are the stronger players. Their matchup against Houston this week probably won’t be a good barometer for close matchups that they could see in the Countdown cup, but it’s very hard to trust any of these guys, even Striker. Violet also has a 1-week suspension but Twilight/Violet should be great starters the following week.
  3. The Nenne York Haksalsior have returned. Both NYXL DPS Nenne and Haksal are good speculative adds if they’ve been dropped by frustrated owners – if they play this entire week, they could be huge Countdown Cup scorers.
  4. Kevster is seriously good at Overwatch with hyperflex carry potential alongside Birdring. Even with the Gladiators
    struggling, he remains very startable.
  5. Beware EQO. Philly has looked their best with Heesu in the lineup.
  6. Regarding Decay, you should definitely #Remember to update his results here after Dallas plays.