Where Kings are Crowned: its time for Playoffs in our LoL Fantasy Leagues!

7 weeks of matches across North America, Europe and Korea led to this decisive moment and now, there is just one question remaining to be answered: do you have what it takes to claim the trophy of your Fantasy League and become a Champion?

HOWEVER! The end of the Fantasy Leagues does not mean the end of the Fantasy Season for the LCS, LEC and LCK. We have something pretty cool planned and will release more details in the next days!


Unless otherwise stated or configured, the top 4 fantasy teams will make to the playoffs in a single elimination 4 team bracket. Standings are first determined by wins and losses. The winner of the playoffs is the winner of your entire league! 

The default tiebreakers will be determined in the following order, but can be updated in your league settings:

  • Total fantasy score
  • Head to head record
  • Coin Toss

When viewing your league schedule, you should see the playoffs bracket at the bottom.


Playoffs take place across two weeks for each of the leagues:

Semi Finals:

LCS – Week 8 (July 31 – August 2)

LEC – Week 7 (July 31 – August 2)

LCK – Week 9 (August 13 – August 16)


LCS – Week 9 (August 7 – August 9)

LEC – Week 8 (August 7 – August 9)

LCK – Week 10 (August 20 – August 23)


If you happen to not make to playoffs, you enter the “Trash Tier”, aka, the Doublelift Tier. There is one exception though: if you are in a 10-man league the season will be over for the 5th and 6th placed players and they can go on a nice EUvacation…well, at least until playoffs! Instead of a traditional bracket, the loser advances to the next round, so you definitely don’t want to be the last team standing…

The team that loses to every other team becomes the 🗑️ can. Even if you don’t reach playoffs, try your best to avoid “earning” the Trash Can!

Adding/Dropping Players

In order to avoid stacking rosters, trades will be turned off during playoffs. Waivers and Free Agents will be available as normal but you will still have to submit a waiver in your league’s waiver order. If other users who are not in the playoffs drop players from their team, those players will go to waivers like normal as well. 

And that would be all regarding Fantasy playoffs for the LCS, LEC and the LCK! Want to give your feedback? Then feel free to join our Discord or to contact us on our Twitter!