What you need to know to be your fantasy commissioner

Thank you Commish for stepping up to the plate and leading your league. Here we breakdown everything you need to know to be the best commissioner out there.

Creation & Setup

Alright, first thing to being a league commissioner is creating your league. Here we’ll walk through all of the settings to league creation and what they mean.

Game selection: First, select which esport you want to create your league for. Current options are Call of Duty, Overwatch, League of Legends, and Fortnite.

Season selection: Next, select which season to create the season for. This is the pro season to follow along.

League Name: Enter your funny league name here. Can be edited after creation.

Number of Players: Current options are 4, 6, 8, and 10 (10 for OWL only). This is an important decision as it determines how competitive of a league it is. We recommend 6 as it’s a good sweet spot. League sizes of 8 or 10 are more competitive as there’s more top players drafted. League sizes of 4 are the opposite and means you’re playing the same person heads up roughly every 3 weeks.

Private League: Choose if you want your league to be public or private. If it’s public, anybody can join. If it is private, you’ll set a league password for it that way only you and your friends can join.

We create the league with our default scoring system but once you create your league, you can modify it by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner.

League creation form for a private league with Password as the league secret

Inviting your Friends

Once your league is created, it’s now time to invite your friends! You’ll see a share link to send to your friends.

League home page with invite link

Draft Day

Once your league is full, it’s time to draft! As commissioner, you’ll see in your league home page the option to start the draft. At the moment, our drafts are not timed and don’t have autodraft functionality. We encourage you as commissioner to make sure everyone is around for about an hour for the optimal experience. Once you hit start, it’s drafting time! In addition to starting the draft, the commissioner also has the ability to pick for other players in the event that the person can’t attend the draft. That is, if your friend is not around but you want to get your draft going, the commissioner has the ability to override and select for him/her. Make sure your league is okay with it and don’t give him/her crappy picks.

Video showing commissioner picking for another team

League Play

Check back for more details on what you should know post-draft.