Welcome to DraftPass Season 2 & Introducing Quests!

It is our pleasure to announce two new BIG features the DraftBuff team has just released as part of our July Update: DraftPass Season 2 & Quests, as well as introducing our DraftPass Premium!

What is the DraftPass?

DraftPass is the first-ever battle pass on top of any fantasy platform. If you’ve played Fortnite, Warzone, or any other video game in the last two years, our take on the gamification pass should be pretty similar to you. To check out the DraftPass in-app, simply click the progression bar located at the top of the main screen, like in the screenshot below:

Like most passes like these there are a few basic elements:

1. You Gain XP by performing certain actions and each season of DraftPass will have different ways to earn XP.

2. After gaining XP you can start to Level Up. As you level up and reach certain thresholds, you can earn higher and higher tiers, and you’ll start unlocking unique DraftBuff prizes. In the example below, after earning the first 25 XP, you’ll unlock a new leaderboard taunt, when you reach Tier 3, you’ll unlock bananas, and so on.

There will be a big prize waiting for you at Tier 10, so make sure to prepare your grinding shoes! Here are the current tier levels and their associated amounts:

  • Tier 1: 25 XP
  • Tier 2: 75 XP
  • Tier 3: 150 XP
  • Tier 4: 225 XP
  • Tier 5: 325 XP
  • Tier 6: 425 XP
  • Tier 7: 550 XP
  • Tier 8: 675 XP
  • Tier 9: 825 XP
  • Tier 10: 975 XP

3. At the moment, there are two main ways to earn XP: through Draft Royales and our other new feature for this season, Quests!

Quests & How to Complete Them

From the Summoners Rift to the heart of Kings Row. In the caves of Azhir or on top of Kafe Dostoyevsky. In these places all around the world of esports, there are enemies to defeat, points to be captured, bombs to be planted, and, ultimately, quests to be conquered!


How to find quests? Go to your settings on the top left, click it and you can find the quests menu, click it and you can see the complete list of quests available!

Quests are an amazing way to put all your fantasy skills to the test. As you can see, there are many quests – across ALL titles we currently support – that you can complete which will give you valuable XP. If you want to reach Tier 10, you will need to complete a fair number of quests, so make sure to check them out and go get your XP!

As a final note, some quests will change with each season of DraftPass while some quests will always be repeatable as seen below.

Quests are a perfect way for you to challenge yourself and become a DraftBuff master. So now you can not only beat your friends in your leagues but you can challenge them to who can complete more quests! Will it be you?

DraftPass Premium

Last but not least: soon you will be able to buy into a paid version of DraftPass! When you buy Premium not only you will be able to earn even cooler prizes, but you will also unlock exclusive PREMIUM quests to make your progression throughout the tiers faster! Keep an eye out for more info on that coming soon but here is a sneak preview to see an example of some of the amazing prizes you will be earning!

UPDATE July 15th: DraftPass Premium is now ONLINE! Go check it out in your DraftPass page!

And that would be all for this update! Want to give your feedback? Then feel free to join our Discord or to contact us on our Twitter!