Week 9 – Who Made It?

EU – Big Names Clutch & Youngsters Flourish

The final week of solo qualifiers kicked off with a bang for EU’s Xypher Endretta, a little-known 14-year old from Norway. The youngster will join countless other under-16s at the NYC finals after an astonishing run of games left him at 60+ points just halfway through his 10 matches. Word spread quickly as he shot ahead of the rest of the leaderboard, with Nickmercs, SypherPK, Cloakzy and Tfue all streaming Endretta’s progress.

Secret’s Mongraal also attracted attention as he finally achieved a much-deserved solo qualification. While Mongraal did not stream the occasion, he could be heard in a discord call with pro friends asking for snippets of friendly advice on rotations, loadouts and, crucially, nerves.

Sadly for Pr0vokd, it was a narrow miss as he needed just two more points to jump up to qualification. Sadder still for Airwaks who, after coming second place and missing out on four points, was one of many players to have been dealt the L Dance – a particularly cruel twist considering the circumstances.

Joining Mongraal and Endretta in NYC will be LeStream’s Blaxou and Skite – one of our picks to watch this week, who will be looking to slay out on the biggest stage yet again.

Emqu, dMINd.teeq, and 13-year old Lyght also made names for themselves, while VHV Crue joins an elite shortlist of players to achieve qualification in both duos and solos.

NAE – Clix Remains Focussed

In NA East the leaderboard was topped by three previously qualified players. MSF Clix hit a remarkable 79 points with a win rate of 33.33% and a 4.3 K/D – the same week as he was caught up in a small amount of social media drama regarding Creative wagers.

ClarityG hit second place to add to his prize money and KNG’s Unknown became the first controller player to reach a qualification spot twice – despite having spent three weeks attempting to switch to keyboard and mouse mid-tournament.

SEN’s Aspect finally adds his name to those flying out to NYC for finals, as does LZR Kreo. Formerly of Luminosity Gaming, Kreo was dropped after a minor scandal to do with account selling, though his abilities at the game were never in doubt.

While Aspect’s qualification comes as a surprise to no one due to his near-unrivalled consistency, he did add fuel to the fire of the zero ping debate – tweeting “LETS GO BABY 0 PING OP” shortly after qualifying. It seems if you’re a top tier player already, zero ping can be the difference between qualification and not.

Joining Aspect and Kreo are Kawzmik, Touzii, Legedien and Hornet, with the stunned Ferrrnando missing out by the finest of margins.

NAW – Arkhram Slays Out

Two of the biggest names in NA West, Herrions and Arkhram1x, managed to qualify for solos at last. Arkhram had already made it in duos with Falconer shortly after parting ways with Myth, but it took a little longer to make it to solos. When they did, however, both Arkhram and Herrions pulled away from the pack with healthy 15 and 6 point leads respectively.

Arkhram’s insane 84 point performance mirrors that of NAE’s Clix, with a 33.33% WR and a 4.3K/D.

In second place on 81 points was WBG’s Pika who previously qualified for solos in Week 7.

SA and Asia – Second Place Pain Again

In South America the final player to qualify for solos was Clipnode with a crazy 91 point run. Missing out again was technoviking, whose consistency went unrewarded as he hit 2nd  qualification spot for the third time.

In Asia another consistent high-placer missed out as KGA SexyBoy misses out on the top spot by one point. As Maufin xd qualifies, it’s hard not to sympathize with SexyBoy as he finishes top 10 for the fourth time. With similarly consistent duo performances though, he will be one to watch next week.