Travis Gafford Worlds 2020 Gifted Sub Campaign

Who will be crowned the best League of Legends team in the world? Worlds 2020 is in full force this week; play-ins has ended and Groups Stage begins this Saturday.

In partnership with our favorite League of Legends journalist, Travis Gafford from Travis Gafford Industries, we’re excited to announce our Travis Gifted Sub Campaign. If you’re an avid Hotline League viewer and would like a free gifted sub, here’s the easy steps you need to do to receive one:

  • Join one of Travis’s Brackets or Draft Royales here
  • Be your own fantasy league commissioner and fill up your fantasy league with your friends. Both salary and snake leagues apply.

We’ll reach out to you via email to get your Twitch username (please respond to an email from We’re giving out 150 gifted subs so the first 150 commissioners will be entitled to a gifted sub.

Enjoy your fantasy worlds experience!