The Best Sleeper Picks for Your Fantasy COD Draft

The Black Ops 4 season was the most competitive year for Call of Duty esports so far. With 4-5 top contender teams at each event, it was tough to pick a clear favourite. The growth of esports means that more top tier talents spring up every year. Simp, Cellium, and Envoy had their breakout year in Black Ops 4, and more players are expected to shine through this year. With a pool this vast, an average user might focus on the consistent heavy hitters, the top talents, the obvious first picks for a draft. 

The ultimate fantasy players shouldn’t just focus on these picks for their draft. There aren’t enough of such picks to fill every roster. A real winning draft will have a combination of heavy hitters as well as some underrated players that could easily shred the competition. That being said, here are a few players we think have the potential to have championship levels of performance on a given day. 

1. Prestinni

Preston is the current reigning world champion. The fact that he isn’t regarded as highly as other members of the championship-winning eUnited roster is a tragedy. While he may not be the most consistent player, his back to back event wins proves that he has the capability of making any team a top tier team. 

2. Illey 

“Happy Thanksgiving. Stay safe and Keep Grinding.”

– Indervir “Illey” Dhaliwal

Picking Indervir may be a gamble, considering he hasn’t played professionally yet. But if Simp and Cellium have taught us anything, it is that young Search talent transfers over well into the competitive scene. As part of the Dallas Empire roster, Illey couldn’t ask for better mentors than Clayster and Crimsix to show him the ropes and mold him to be an absolute beast on the map. 

3. CleanX

Tobias played countless amateur tournaments before getting his opportunity to shine at Champs last year.  Here he had to face off against Team Envy. CleanX started slow, with a 3/10 kill death ratio, but then he proceeded to fry every player in his path. He went on streaks several times, ending the game with a 36/11 K/D with an 11 streak to beat Envy in map one. This gave Singularity the momentum to sweep Envy in later rounds. If he could pull this performance against a heavy hitter like Gunless, Tobias could be a great slayer for Toronto if he’s ever subbed in. 

4. Havok

Havok’s story is one of redemption. After years of grinding past obstacles and poor placings, he made it onto the formidable Gen.G roster that reached the grand finals twice last year. Even though Havok’s talent was overshadowed by Envoy last year, he’s an incredible smg player who clutched many crucial situations for his team to win the match. His Search and Destroy expertise is one of the best in the game and can elevate himself to be a superstar calibre player this year.

5. Apathy

Brian is the only player with two rings who is often forgotten when creating a list of “Greatest of All Time”. His inconsistency often overshadows his raw skill. He often starts the year slow and picks up the pace throughout the season. Last year he almost single-handedly eliminated eUnited from Champs but lost despite almost 40 kills in Hardpoint with an SMG. If Apathy learns the game earlier, then he can almost definitely go back to being a top player that everyone should have on their fantasy team.

6. Majormaniak

When you’re teaming with Simp, Cellium, Abezy, and Priestahh, it’s easy to not be considered a top prospect. But like Havok, Majormaniak’s Search expertise was part of what made the Gen.G roster so dominant last year. We’re confident he will get his opportunity to shine on this roster. After all, he is the original tiny terror.

7. Aches (but only when he’s playing OGLA, Dallas, or Chicago)

Only three things in life are certain: death, taxes, and Aches’ performance against the original Optic Dynasty. He’s their Kryptonite, and the players on the team know it too. It’s not quite clear whether he’s a curse to the Greenwall in general or the players of the dynasty. But if Aches is playing against any of these players, you wouldn’t want to bet against him. 

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