Test & Practice Your Fantasy Draft With Mock Drafts!

Since a couple of weeks ago, you can now join and participate in a mock fantasy draft on our website. One of the most fun aspects of the fantasy experience is the draft and we’re excited to share that anyone can now hop into a mock draft on our website and get a taste of what fantasy esports is all about. No login necessary and you can get started in seconds. Mock Draft is available for all games we current support!

If you’re not familiar with DraftBuff, our mission is to make esports more fun and social by creating close-knit communities playing our fantasy games. We have two fantasy games we currently support: our season long fantasy leagues (think ESPN fantasy football for professional esports) and our salary style, short lived Draft Royales (our free, social take on daily fantasy tournaments, or DFS).

In our season long leagues, after filling up your league, the first activity to start your fantasy career, and perhaps arguably the most important, is your fantasy draft. In a snake style fashion, you and your league mates go back and forth selecting who you think will do best in the professional esports season. Once your draft is over, you manage your fantasy roster on a weekly basis: making waiver claims, picking players up from free agents, making trades, benching players, and trash talking and taunting your friends along the way.

However, a poor draft will doom your fantasy season and so we’re excited to share that you can now hop into a mock draft and practice before your big draft day. Right now, you’ll be participating in a mock draft with AI only but we plan on opening it up to be with other users and the ability to invite your friends soon.

If you don’t have our app yet, you can download it for iOS and Android or check our Website!