Stand Open for Business: Acquire Bananas & Our Premium DraftPass!

Say hi to the Premium DraftPass!

For everyone looking to personalize their experience at DraftBuff, we have good news! It is our pleasure to announce the release of the very first edition of our Premium DraftPass! Progress through all Tier 10 and unlock some pretty awesome prizes, including the exclusive Finn and Ranger Danger avatars as well as several chat emotes, leaderboard taunts and much more.

Also, if you acquire the Premium DraftPass, to further appreciate how awesome you are for supporting DraftBuff, you will receive an exclusive role on our Discord server, and will be invited to join a VIP only chatroom, where you can chat with the rest of the DraftPass team and some personalities of the world of esports, including Travis Gafford (LoL) and TacticalRab (CoD)!

To celebrate the release we are offering (for a limited time) the Premium DraftPass with a 20% discount – just 40 bananas! That means if you invite just eight friends to join DraftBuff, you can acquire the Premium DraftPass for FREE (and that’s not counting the 20 bananas you receive for free after joining DraftBuff).

Check out the full list of prizes below. Prizes without the “Premium” tag are available for all users! Note that Finn is a reward for completing Tier 2, which only requires 75 XP ! Ranger Danger will be harder to achieve and will be awarded only to those who put effort to grind all the way to Tier 10!

Banana Party

In order to acquire the Premium DraftPass, you can also now purchase bananas (we would be forever grateful if you do it)! Check out the screenshots below to find out how to recharge your account with more of those tasty yellow fruits, which can also be used to acquire standalone avatars and chat emotes at our Banana Stand!

In the main page, click top right at the amount of bananas you currently have.
Click on the top right option to go to the purchase screen. You can also check out which avatars we currently have for sale, including one of our most popular avatars, the one we created alongside TacticalRab and the Viking Vikerr!
Simply select how many bananas you want to purchase and you be directed to the App Store / Play Store’s checkout screen! After finishing your payment you will have the bananas credited in your account!

And that would be all! Want to give your feedback? Feel free to join our Discord or to contact us on Twitter!