Regarding Superweeks and Bye Weeks for the LCS & LEC

For the League of Legends Summer Split, we are hosting four different fantasy seasons: LCS, LEC, LCK (new), and the combined LCS + LEC. The LCS + LEC combined is a popular format because it increases the player pool size and it’s fun to peg NA vs EU against each other (obviously we know which region is really better, *cough* NA *cough*, although our CMO strongly disagrees about this take).

This Summer Split, unfortunately, Riot has changed the format up a bit and introduced bye weeks and super weeks for the LEC. Week 1 and Week 8 of LEC are super weeks, which means that rather than 2 matches per week, the LEC teams play 3. To make up for these 2 super weeks, there is a bye week that occurs between Week 4 and Week 5 of LEC. For an LCS+LEC combined league, this means that for LCS Week 5, your LEC players will not be playing. This is obviously problematic for a fantasy league format on both accounts: the LEC players will obviously score higher on Week 1 and Week 8 and worse on Week 5.

The first problem is “easier” to solve and we think we found a good solution: points for LEC players in Week 1 and Week 8 will be normalized as if they played two matches, with the average points earned per game being multiplied by two in order to give the final result.

The second problem however is more complex considering the larger impact overall. To find an answer to it, we wanted our decision to have as much community consensus as possible, so we ran this through you as well, but as you can see from the results, it was very very tricky to us as well!

So, after analyzing the results, and thinking (a lot) on how to proceed, we decided to offer you two options: to leave everything as it is, or to cancel week 5. Commissioners can choose this option in their league settings before Week 5. If the commissioner does not specify it, it will default to leaving Week 5 as is. Check out the screenshots below:

Click “Edit schedule” to be able to select whether Week 5 shall be played or not. If you check it, it means that Week 5 will be played. If not, your league will be skipping Week 5. In the example above, we didn’t check the option which means that league will be skipping Week 5. Hope everything is clear!

Again, it is a complicated problem and we know that not everyone will be happy with the decision we took. However, we still wanted to offer you the chance to choose between the option that would work best for you and for your league. At the same time, if the LCS and the LEC have different formats again for the next year, we will make sure to prepare more options beforehand!

As usual, a big thanks for your support and please let us know by tweeting to us or send us a message on Discord!