Referral and Affiliate Program


Live in the app now is signup with a referral code. When a new user creates an account in the app, they will now have the option to specify a referral code. This is the username of the person that referred them, e.g. KGPasta here. When you signup with someone’s referral code and join a fantasy league or tournament, both you and the referrer are rewarded 1 banana. Bananas are DraftBuff’s virtual currency and can be used to purchase future cosmetic items in our app. Stay tuned for a more in depth article on what you can do with bananas going forward. For now, they’re more than just a good source of Potassium!

Signing up in app using KGPasta’s referral code


We’re also currently looking for affiliates to join our affiliate program. Using your referral code, you’ll be compensated for the number of referrals you bring on a monthly basis. If you’re interested in working with us, please send an email to and we can discuss details further. More details can be provided upon reach out. Please include any useful metrics regarding your social media reach and handles.