Rainbow Six Fantasy Scoring Updates

Hi all! Hope ya’ll enjoyed the first EU and NA matchdays of the new R6 Leagues; there were some amazing clutches, comebacks, and I think we speak for all fans that we’re glad Siege esports in back in full swing. We’ve gotten some awesome feedback on our first initial version of R6 fantasy as well, and are thrilled at how many of you have come out and competed in both leagues and Draft Royales.

We’ve noticed that scores are pretty low for each player however – this is because we normalize scores by rounds played. The reason we normalize is so that a player that plays a 7-5 map doesn’t automatically score more than a player who plays a 7-1 map (you could argue that if you are on the winning team of a blowout, you should theoretically get more points). However since we are normalizing by rounds, scoring seems very low. The highest score using our standard scoring from Monday in NA was Gryxr, who had a 4.19.

To combat this, we’ve decided to apply a simple multiplier of 15 to all scores to make the distribution a little bigger and the scores a little prettier. None of the scoring ratios have changed, so if you were winning before, you’re still winning now. Just a small change based on feedback to make things a bit prettier. We’ll be rolling out this change to all leagues that use our standard scoring today.

As always, let us know if you have any questions/feedback, and good luck the rest of this week! As a reminder, Draft Royales are open every week, so make sure to join Week 2 after matches conclude for this week. Tiers and costs for each player are updated week to week, so depending on how they perform, you could see some new values emerge.