OWL Week in Review: Pick Up a Good Echo This Week

Paris Eternal:

Everyone is waiting for Paris’ fantasy hot streak to end but they just keep going. Looking at their place in the standings, 15th, most would assume their fantasy scores are low but it’s quite the opposite. Even when they lose Paris continues to be competitive keeping their fantasy scores rather high.

Player to watch: Naga- amazing first showing on echo in the new meta, most DPS points week 6.

Atlanta Reign:

Atlanta finally moved up the standings with some big performances. Adaptability was a big question surrounding this team and they showed they can play more than rush at a very high level. The starting 6 on this roster are looking to have big points this stage and possibly qualify for the June Joust. Kai hasn’t been shining as much as he did last year but he’s still worth holding onto.

Player to watch: Pelican- in the new Echo meta, expect Pelican to rack in big points.

Guangzhou Charge:

The Charge outperformed expectations this week and are slowly looking better. A concern for fantasy is the rotating tanks and DPS players. Additionally, Kariv has been pretty average on the Charge for fantasy points. Cr0ng has had some rough weeks but he came out with a huge performance this week.

Player to watch: ChoiSehwan- second highest DPS points this week and great performance.

Hangzhou Spark:

The rest of Spark seem to have caught up with Shy and they’re looking dangerous. Something to note is that overall echo players scored more points this week than their counterparts but Shy was one of the exceptions to this. Shy has low average points because he only played one map in week 2, so if he’s still available in your league (scroll down a little) then pick him up!

Player to watch: MCD- one of the most underrated supports right now on an upward trend.

Washington Justice:

Don’t count them out yet. The Justice had one of the most unexpected performances this week not winning even a single map. They seemed unprepared and not seeing Decay in the lineup also feels questionable. They don’t play in week 7 which hopefully gives them enough time to figure things out by week 8.

Player to watch: Assassin– did NOT have the best showing in the new Echo meta, but will be essential to it.