OWL Week in Review- 30 April-6 May 2021

It’s been a slightly slower week in the OWL, with quite a few teams having bye weeks. However, there’s a lot we can take away from the teams that did play, and their implications for Fantasy standings!

Florida Mayhem:

Don’t let the fantasy points fool you this week with the Florida Mayhem. Mayhem had a tough start to the week with a really bad loss to Shock which was included in their points for the week. What wasn’t included in their points for the week was the play-ins that they looked very strong in. Mayhem made the May Melee and going forward we are expecting their average points to be higher than this week.

San Francisco Shock:

It’s hard to doubt the Shock but a quarter of the season is over, and they are struggling. Even with a winning record, sitting at only a plus 2  map differential is not the best look, Shock is under-performing everyone’s pre-season expectations. Fantasy-wise, more maps and closer maps is good which has helped players like Viol2t and Striker stay closer to the top in their fantasy roles. Overall, it’s not time to sell the Shock stonks yet but be ready if things go south this next stage.

Hangzhou Spark:

SHY SHY SHY. Spark looks so much better with Shy in on DPS. Spark went from the bottom of APAC to a close game with the Dragons off the back of an amazing performance by Shy. An underrated player on this team right now is also MCD. He hasn’t had insane performances but there have been some significant highlights. As a fantasy pick-up, Spark players are still volatile due to their deep roster and so far inconsistent performances. Now is a good time to invest early in the Spark and hope it pays off, but have a back-up plan.

Washington Justice:

The Justice are almost in the opposite scenario as the Mayhem. They won both of their regular season games and then proceeded to have a tough loss. While the loss wasn’t as bad as the Mayhem vs. Shock game, Justice were the clear favorites to win this match. In an interview Yaki made a good point, ‘we haven’t seen Justice against any great teams yet’ (discounting a soon to be superpowered Dallas). Justice seemed under prepared for their match and it will be interesting to see how they play against better teams in the next stage (look forward to week 8).

Shanghai Dragons:

The Dragons performed when they had to and clutched two 3-2 series. It’s hard to tell if this team just plays at the level of their opponents or they are just inconsistent. While many seem to be down on LIP, we think LIP should be a mainstay on this team and is being underrated. Overall, we hope to see some more consistency coming from the Dragons this season and prove they’re still a top team in APAC after their questionable start to the season.