OWL Week In Review: 26 May-2 June 2021

Houston Outlaws:

Outlaws came back strong this week setting themselves up for potentially a good seed in the June Joust qualifiers. While they won’t score points in week 8 for fantasy, this is a good time to watch the Outlaws and see how they do. Predicting the winning team in the tournament is a difference maker so the qualifies will be a good place to assess them against top-level competition.

Player to watch: Danteh- very strong performer on the echo. Expect Danteh to keep getting resources and popping off in the June Joust.

LA Gladiators:

The Gladiators showed us what we needed to see this week. Beat the weaker and average teams and look confident. Going into this upcoming week Gladiators still don’t face any top-level competition making them a favorite to enter the qualifiers. Similarly to the Outlaws, their qualifiers performance will give us a better understanding of where they’re at.

Player to watch: SPACE- expectations were high for SPACE, they dipped after the May Melee and now they’re coming back up. This meta (sig + D.va) is very beneficial for SPACE, keep in mind his best/worst heroes.

Toronto Defiant:

The Defiant didn’t look too bad all things considered. A few of their players are out from Covid leading them to make an emergency signing of contenders star Aspire who had a respectable first performance. The Defiant will have 3 weeks to recover, regroup, and practice. We still expect their players to put up points but be weary when they play top level teams.

Player to watch: Na1st- not great performances against top tier opponents (not terrible either) but really great performances against average and bad teams. Look at the schedule before starting Na1st.

LA Valiant:

The best we can say about Valiant is that they drew a map against Shanghai and some of their B-team members. Still with all the external situations in mind, Valiant could still be doing worse. Their team, specifically the DPS, have shown talent that is worth noting. Overall, we still suggest staying away from these players BUT they could clutch a bye week for you, so don’t forget about them.

Player to watch: MoLanran- one of the stronger players on this team and could be used as a LAST resort DPS player.

Vancouver Titans:

Vancouver had the worst week 7 statistically. It’s unfortunate to see this team do so poorly when their individual players have seen success in the past. The road does get easier for Titans later in the season and we would still like to see them be competitive against some of the bottom tier teams. Similarly to Valiant we would suggest avoiding these players unless a close matchup arises that you think Titans will be very competitive in.

Player to watch: Teru– stats did not do him justice last week, but against some weaker opponents Teru has potential for some bigger numbers (schedule gets easier after June Joust).