OWL Week In Review- 24-30 June 2021

Week in Review: Week 11

Paris Eternal:

It’s official, it’s time to stop doubting Paris. We are not saying that Paris will win the grand finals, that’s a stretch, but for fantasy this team overall has probably outperformed their pre-season expectations the most. With a massive win over the Glads and a strong win over a stronger looking Spitfire, our doubts for this team are gone.

Player to watch: Vestola- has been a great mid-season pick-up so far. We have yet to see a breakout performance but even playing up to par with the rest of the team is enough to score good fantasy points.

Toronto Defiant:

Aspire, Aspire, Aspire. If you’ve been struggling with DPS picks this year, here is your saving grace opportunity. Overall, this team is looking strong but it’s still hard to gage their full strength. Specifically, we are not sure if beating the Mayhem says more about the Defiant or the Mayhem. This team has a lot of strong to average fantasy pieces and we still recommend them.

Player to watch: Aspire- arguably the best mid-season pick-up so far this season. Aspire feels like he’s doing what Logix was supposed to be doing but at a higher level. There’s still a chance he gets rotated out but for now, a great player to pick-up.

San Francisco Shock:

On the flip side of Paris, our doubts for the Shock are official. This team is still strong, and we expect them to stay above average but it’s clear they’re not what they used to be. It’s likely their players will score high this week due to 2 map 5’s, but in the long term we expect MOST Shock players to show middling fantasy results.

Player to watch: Glister- having a hard time trying to live up to Striker but there’s still a lot of potential here. Glister had a more exciting weekend than ANS and we expect him to be fielded more with Striker’s departure.

New York Excelsior:

NYXL may have had their best overall fantasy week yet but this was expected. Even though they lost to the Charge, the close series bids well for ample fantasy points. This was the easiest week the NYXL could have so going forward things could be rough for them. Their next two opponents are Spark and Fusion who we’ve seen very high highs and very low lows from both. NYXL has potential to beat both teams but we’d say they are not favored in either matchup.

Player to watch: Yakpung- is growing as a player and can be a valuable budget pick. NYXL is going through more changes and hopefully these changes will help Yakpung succeed.

Seoul Dynasty:

If you are looking for consistent high performing DPS then Seoul is your home. Unlike most teams the rotation of players is coming from their tank role which leaves room for predictions but overall, we don’t like this for fantasy. Seoul showed some very strong performances this week and they might be an early favorite to contend for the Summer Showdown.

Player to watch: Creative- has flown under the radar for most of the season. With Seoul having two strong performances this week, we could see Creative stonks on a slight rise.