OWL Week In Review- 2-9 June 2021

Florida Mayhem:

Mayhem did not accomplish what they wanted to this week but it’s far from over. Overall, they looked less comfortable in this meta and we expect them to bounce back next stage. The Mayhem have solid pieces in every role and administrative position, they just need to break through the clutter of average teams.

Player to watch: OGE- outperforming expectations for fantasy. Off-tanks in general are better options but OGE is recently on the up and a guaranteed starter.

Boston Uprising:

The Uprising were a front runner for the June Joust going into the week then barely squeaked by at the end of the week and lost in round 1 of qualifiers. This team still has a lot of potential, it’s hard to say how much of it will be realized. It was good seeing GBS integrated more with the team, with the language barrier issue being alleviated we expect Boston to grow more.

Player to watch: GBS- still splitting time with Punk is hurting his fantasy points but they’re coming up average to above average. GBS could be a good investment for small returns if he gets fully integrated and Boston performs better as a team.

Chengdu Hunters:

The Hunters lost both matches but didn’t look too bad. We hate to say it, but we think the Chengdu zone is back. Often this week it felt like they were trying too hard to force off meta picks and it just wasn’t enough. This team still has a lot of fantasy prowess but expect volatility.

Player to watch: Kaneki- despite losing both matches, in his debut Kaneki pulled out an above average fantasy score. It’s clear that his play time on the team is very meta based so if you have an extra bench spot it may be worth the risk, but we would urge caution.

Seoul Dynasty:

The Dynasty are quietly hanging out in the number #2 spot with the best map differential in APAC. This team is great, we’re never going to argue against that. We haven’t seen them clutch up in tournament play, but we think there’s a good chance they find a meta that they dominate in. If you have Dynasty players available, we recommend picking them up in this order of importance: DPS > Tank > Support.

Player to watch: FITS- one of the least talked about picks who consistently produces strong numbers. We expect FITS to be solid in almost every meta and dominant in hitscan metas.

SF Shock:

It’s the middle of the season and we’re officially concerned… kind of. Shock is performing below what we expected from them but not too bad in the grand scheme of things. We’re getting close to the point where we can say the 3-peat is looking grim. We could still see them bounce back but overall; we expect them to stay around the top half to the top quarter of the league.

Player to watch: nero– the only flex DPS on SFS and he is proving his worth. The next meta might not suit him as well so week 11 is going to be very important to see what the fantasy future holds for nero.