OWL Fantasy 2021: Week 2 Waiver Wire

Week two didn’t have quite the same nail-biting matches as week one, and while there may not be any season changing waiver wire pickups like there were in week one, there are still a few adjustments you can make to your team to tighten up some loose nuts and bolts. In addition, there are a few takeaways from each team that had its first match this week (London, Hangzhou, Boston, Paris, and New York).

Top Waiver Pickups

  1. Jinmu is this week’s top pickup. While he may have already been taken after his strong week one performance and IBM Watson previously had him ranked at #1, we have now seen that the Chengdu Hunters are willing to play around him. He is a uniquely aggressive player who was one of Season 2’s top fantasy performers. After a very poor season three, he is back to pulling his team’s resources to enable him to succeed on Pharah. While his Sombra is unimpressive, he’s playing high value heroes very aggressively, racking up fantasy points quickly.
  1. Flora may not be able to shoot a piece of dynamite, but there’s a reason he played for NYXL this week. He’s been playing in Korean Contenders for years and in a complex meta that requires players to not only be able to play many heroes but many styles, Flora has the years of OW experience in Contenders to allow his team to play those styles. Gwangboong made some critical positioning mistakes that really cost NYXL and while his amazing hitscan plays were in full force on the one map he played, Flora outperformed our expectations. He’s no lock to play, but he’s worth rostering.
  1. Onigod established himself as Paris’s top hitscan player which is valuable in the current meta. There’s not as much long-term value here as pictured below, he was often caught on camera rolling his eyes after failed flanks and untimely deaths. He outdueled Dalton on the Titans regularly, but he doesn’t appear to be a top tier player and further, his teammate Tsuna was effective on the Tracer, which could reduce his playing time in the future. Still, if you can pick him up for week three or trade him to another team after his high week two point totals, he has some value.
  1. If you’re in a smaller league or they’re somehow still available, be sure to pick up:
  • DohaNo Xzi, no problem – sort of. Doha’s sombra is legendary and he regularly had perfectly timed hacks that allowed his team to pull of crisp eliminations. Further, his Mei and his Hanzo are both elite level play. While he may not play on the most valuable heroes for Fantasy, he’s an elite tier player.
  • Kaan – The flex support for Paris cashed in on his scrimbucks and showed the high level play promised in behind the scene scrims. He should be a valuable player going forward, but beware potential drop of in Paris’s play in the future. His stocks may be as high as they’ll be all season, so if you can find a way to trade him for other elite players, it may be worth it.

With Waivers locked down, here are some considerations for the new teams we saw this week:

  • London – There’s no way around their struggles. The silver lining here may be that future metas less dependent on a top tier hitscan could favor them in the future. Their tank line of Hadi and Molf1g showed their renowned synergy and if they can unlock Shax during hero pools, he could deliver some surprising value. Don’t forget Sparkr joins the team in June. Better days will be ahead.
  • Hangzhou – With their head coach already out the door, things look messy for the Spark. It’s hard to be optimistic about their future with so many shakeups already. What we do know is that MCD turned in a strong performance along with teammates Bernar and Architect. Outside of those three, roster changes and rotations should continue.
  • Boston – An 0-6 map score should improve after extremely tough opponents in the Fuel and Gladiators took care of the Uprising. Still, this team had its moments behind some key nades from Myunbong and aggressive, high charge pushes from Punk that showed some promise that previous Boston teams have not. I am with Myunbong on this one – better days are ahead.
  • Washington delivered in every way expected, except maybe even more. Bebe looked very strong when he was expected to be painfully average, regularly dropping unexpected bionades to flip multiple team fights for his team. Decay, Assassin, and Jerry effectively rotated as well to flex their collective DPS muscle.
  • Paris had strong performances from their three headed hydra DaanKaanNaga. Daan was a risky main tank pickup but we can see why Paris went with him. Ellivote’s lack of flexibility could prove problematic as well, but this team has proven they can play to their strengths and challenge tougher opponents.
  • New York had high hopes but could not deliver. Yakpung did show he’s improved since his last stint in the Overwatch League and fellow tank Bianca also proved he’s worth staying on the roster despite his low play time last year. While we certainly hoped for more vs. Chengdu, this team is capable of bouncing back, especially if Flora continues to show he’s capable of starting week to week.