OWL Fantasy 2021: Week 1 Waiver Wire

After a long offseason, Overwatch had a strong week one payout for fans like me suffering from OWL withdrawal, we were treated to some amazing matches (Shock vs. Outlaws), surprising upsets (Hunters over Dragons) diverse playstyles (All heroes except Hog were played), and some surprise individual player performances made for some exciting storylines and a lot of fantasy points.

Whether you won and want to stay on top or lost and need to catch up, now is the time to act to make some key waiver additions. There are almost certainly some valuable players not owned by any teams in your league right now and by navigating to your league’s players tab, you will see the list of available players. Waivers allow you to claim those players and depending on your Waiver Priority and who else in your league has claimed that same player, they will process on Wednesday and you may receive your pickups. Not sure who to claim? Below is my prioritized list, but if you need a support or tank more than a DPS, you may prioritize the list yourself based on your needs:

Below is a list of players to pickup to bolster your roster:

  1. Choisehwan flashed some rookie of the year potential in his first matchup. Although a losing effort against Shanghai, not only did Choi show his top tier Echo play, but he also stood out on Tracer, which was especially surprising considering we know how good his teammate Eileen can be on that hero. It’s difficult to say whether or not he continues to play 100% of maps, but what we can’t doubt is that he was incredible in his first week of OWL play. Whether you’re hurting at DPS or not, find a way to pick this player up.
  2. Mmonk was a late pickup for Chengdu this offseason, but played every map this weekend, including those three where Chengdu swept Shanghai. Though best known for his Zenyatta in Chinese Contenders, he also played a surprisingly effective Ana as well. Farway1987 is still a threat to play time, but Mmonk flipped the script and is now the presumed starter after his individual strong performance and Chengdu’s stomping of Shanghai. If Elsa is still free, be sure to pick him up too.
  3. Gaebullssi was another late offseason call up by Boston and comes from WGS Phoenix where, coincidentally (or not), he is re-united with his coach Lori. GBS was my favorite offtank prospect coming into the year and I expect him to look good. The trouble is that Punk is still an extremely strong player already on the roster. While there will likely be some subbing in and out here, the fact that a majority of the team is Korean helps GBS’s chances in the short/long term from a communication perspective. 
  4. Roolf had a very solid Week one performance compared to what we expected as the Titans looked… respectable. While they may continue to lose matches, this team right now looks competent and won’t be a fantasy wasteland. Roolf stood out as one of the team’s stronger players, exploding for some key final blows on Baptiste and Zenyatta. He’ll be a week-to-week low tier starter.
  5. Showcheng/Wya– The Valiant’s offtank player showed some flexibility at the position, running some aggressive Zarya, Sigma, and D.VA. Much like Vancouver, the Valiant looked like they will regularly win maps, if not matches. Don’t expect top tier scoring from Showcheng, but I believe he’s one of the team’s strongest players and should contribute solid point totals. While Wya did not look as strong, he’s showing that he’s a borderline OWL level player and that his return to the league from his previous stint in season 2 is warranted.

Deeper 10 Team Leagues – It’s been tough to come by week to week starts at tank and DPS so if you’re looking a little rough on these positions, check out these players:

  1. Jjanggu – He was one of the biggest reasons the Outlaws went toe to toe with San Francisco. While Happy may have stolen the show, none of it would have happened without Jjanggu hanging with Super.
  2. Gator – Atlanta ended the weekend’s matches getting reverse swept by Toronto. Had that match ended differently, the narrative would quickly change around this Reign team. I think Gator time and time again made good, decisive decisions on all his tank heroes, though definitely stood out in Brawl.
  3. Naist – We knew his Mei was good but his Tracer was good enough to keep Logix benched. He should be a consistent starter going forward.