Overwatch League: Week 5 Power Rankings

These rankings are built by some of the most in-the-know OWL content creators. To make the rankings as accurate as rankings can be, we get an aggregate of each analysts perspectives. We average them out and see where the teams fall. Power rankings are not based on wins alone. It is more about the actual “power” level of the teams. These brilliant analysts help bring different perspectives to OWL and we highly recommend that you check them out. They are: BiggusDiccus, Totemlydrunk , DeathBlow, Kyle Wynn, ASmith, Tepojama, HeeBeeJeeBee, and Dhulky! Most have their own podcasts breaking down the games, fantasy players, and spicy news in the Overwatch League.

1. San Francisco Shock (1 – 0)

There’s not a lot to say since there hasn’t been much to watch, sadly. It seems to be a unanimous consensus that the Season Two Champs are going to stay up here until someone can bring them down. Will all this time off make them better? Or will it cause them to Falter?

2. Vancouver Titans (2 – 0) +1

I think we can speak for everyone when we say, “We are getting REALLY anxious to see this team play!” The Titans a team where hero pools could make them even stronger with the likes of Haksal, Seominsoo, and Stitch. They had the best record last season only to fall short of the grand final. They will want nothing more than to prove that they actually are the best. (Only moved up because a team moved down).

3. New York Excelsior (5 -1) +1

This rank might be the most controversial rank of the week. A closer look at the VOD’s of their game verses Washington will show you, however, the look of the New York that we are used to seeing… Calm. Coordinated. Clean. Clinical. They showed that they are starting to find their footing. They are finding what works for them and what doesn’t. Were there moments of complete disaster? Yes. No question, but they quickly course corrected. NYXL are putting themselves in a situation to be the solid number three team in the league. What is keeping them from the top? With the Hero Pool giving them the most ideal meta, SBB’s performance on Tracer was far below what we all know he is capable of. Nenne and Libero seemed much more coordinated together but Married-Man is going to need to find his old self again for this team to be on top. They got the win and they still have room for improvement but they are going to need to have better performances from their DPS line to continue “Ever Upward!”

4. Philadelphia Fusion (5 – 1) -2

A perfect season has now been blemished. The Fusion have fallen in nothing less than dramatic fashion. It was a nail-bitter of a match. It was the kind where you forget you are not breathing it was so close. Carpe carried and carried and literally almost carried to the win. It just wasn’t enough to put them above the Parisian squad. Most agree this was a result of the incredible nerf Carpe received by Week 5’s Hero Pools and we wouldn’t disagree. This week also shows that they do bleed and that there are some weaknesses to exploit. However, there is no question this team is still a top 5 team and we can all expect that they are going to come back angry and ready to dominate next week.

5. Shanghai Dragons (0 – 0) +1

Sadly, we have not seen this team play yet due to coronavirus that is spreading throughout China, Korea, and now the rest of the world. But, they were one of the hottest teams at the end of last season and their roster got even better in the offseason. The addition of Fleta, Void, and Stand1 is a huge upgrade to a team that was already on fire. With Overwatch League moving away from GOATs and towards hero pools, this team is poised to thrive. (Only moved up because a team moved down).

6. Seoul Dynasty (0 – 0) +1

Yet again, sadly, we have not seen this team play yet due to coronavirus. But, out of all the teams in the off season, Seoul probably made the boldest and biggest moves. Some might call this team the London Dynasty because they picked up three season one grand finals champions Profit, Gesture, and Bdosin. After a sad season two London was blown up and these Korean heroes left their old team because they have something that want to prove to their home fans. We expect a Seoul to live up to its expectations; an unstoppable force poised to reach the top and win it all. Will the season veterans and the crew rise to the top? Or will they falter yet again? How much longer can they wait? (Only moved up because a team moved down).

7. Paris Eternal (4 – 2) -2

It almost feels wrong putting this unbelievable Parisian squad in the 7th position. Week after week they are proving that they are for real. I mean, come on, they beat the Philadelphia Fusion for crying out loud! They did it beautifully. Xzi is shaping up to be a top 5 DPS in the league. Who is Sp9rk1e again? The Hero Pools for Week 5 were a boon for Paris. Who else knew Soon’s Tracer was that good?! He went toe to toe with the legend Carpe and came out on top. That’s not nothing. So wait this is all good stuff why aren’t they higher? Oh yea…they got SMACKED by Houston! Paris looked lost, confused, and who know what else during the 0-3 dumpster match. If it hadn’t been for that loss to Houston this team could easily be sitting in the number 4 (maybe 3rd) position. Their win against Philly saved face for them but they need to work out those kinks to keep moving up.

8. Atlanta Reign (2 – 1)

Okay. It is getting better. They played Edison over Babybay which was a good move. Edison looked as good as we all could have hoped. He fit right into the team as smooth as could be expected. Atlanta could possibly stabilize here in this spot for a while until we see them beat stronger teams. Beating Boston doesn’t really give us an idea how this team is going to look. The Reign did put the style on Boston but we will have to wait to see. Next week they will face the NYXL and London Spitfire. Will they come out of those games with a win?

9. Los Angeles Gladiators (0 – 1)

Week 8 is getting closer…slowly. This might be the team we wish we could see play the most. They looked extremely promising against the Titans in Week 1 and they could have easily won that matchup. Birdring is probably chomping at the bit dying to prove that he is not washed up. Sadly, we will not be seeing them until the ShockFest at the end of March. What can we expect from this exciting new squad?

10. Guangzhou Charge (0 – 0)

And again, another team we have not seen play yet due to coronavirus that is spreading throughout China, Korea, and the rest of the world. This was also a team that ended last season on a high. Like many teams, they did not look good in the GOATs meta and once it began to fade, this deadly group of players began to emerge from the ashes. With the likes of Nero, Happy, and Shu joined by ex-philly player, Neptuno (the battle mercy himself) this team is ready for a more DPS centric style of Overwatch. The rest of the teams below here that have played have not played well enough yet to jump into the top 10 and so the Charge are going to fill this spot for now.

11. Hangzhou Spark (0 – 0)

Alas, yet another team we have not seen play yet due to coronavirus that is spreading throughout China, Korea, and the rest of the world. Why so low? Didn’t they finish top four last season and do pretty well in the playoffs? They proved they were good at GOATs and have some great team synergy reminiscent of the Shock. The only additions they made to the roster were two lesser known players from contenders China (M1ka and Coldest) and because we haven’t seen them play as well in a more DPS heavy meta it’s hard to know where this crew falls. For now, we didn’t want to put them below the play-ins spot but we need to get some evidence on what these guys can do once hero pools are the name of the game. (They only moved up because some teams moved down).

12. Chengdu Hunters (0 – 0) +4

The last of our beloved Chinese teams that we have not seen play yet due to coronavirus that is spreading throughout China and Korea. We all know how scrappy and meta-defying this team is. They are fun to watch and often take surprising wins most people weren’t expecting. They also are a team that historically loses to teams that they should beat as well. A few new changes to their roster could bring them some more consistency namely Leave and Ating but we will have to see them play first. Once they do we will have a better idea of where they sit. For now, they are going to have to sit at 16 in the ranks. (Only moved up because a team moved down).

13. Florida Mayhem (2 – 3) +1

Just another step forward. This is another team who seemed to benefit from Hero Pools this last week. It just feels good to see this team who has struggled for so long finally play with confidence to get wins. Seeing Fate out on the stage was very nice as well. Hopefully he will bring more stability and leadership to this young squad. The win did come against the tumbling Toronto Defiant but a win is a win. There is still a lot to work on but with consistent improvement during a long season could bring very big results.

14. London Spitfire (3 – 2) -1

We didn’t get to see them play this last week but they have been exciting. A squad of rookies making a run is the eSports romance we all would love to see. As mentioned last week, they are getting wins against soft teams and they are barely getting by. They will be facing their two toughest opponents yet, the Atlanta Reign and the Philadelphia Fusion. This coming week will be a true test as to where this team stands. Can they come away with even one win? (Only moved down because a team moved up.)

15. Los Angeles Valiant (1 – 1) +2

Yet another team that we are not going to be able to see until Week 8 in San Fransisco. The Valiant were a very fun team to watch with KSP and KSF leading the charge. Is this a team that is going to thrive in hero pools or will they be limited? So many questions and uncertainties about this squad keeps them here in this spot. (Only moved up because a team moved down).

16. Washington Justice (2 – 3) -4

Justice was not served even at their own homestand. Washington’s fire is dwindling. They did get a win against Boston, but who wouldn’t? They even allowed Boston to take a map from them. Coordination and (as we’ve mentioned before) the “clutch” factor is what this team is missing. However, there is hope. Aimgod is at his absolute best this season! His is destroying on stage and in fantasy. He kept Jjonak in check during their match against the NYXL. Corey is still delivering on a huge level. They even played up to NYXL and really made them sweat. If the Justice can get Lullsish to the States, he could be the catalyst that propels the Justice forward.

17. Houston Outlaws (2 – 5) +2

What?! Who?! How?! Houston figured out how to play dive! In fact, they played it so well that they 3-0’d the Paris Eternal! Who would have thought? Danteh’s Tracer was nasty. Muma was looking very strong. Meko seemed to be back to his old NYXL-self. It was almost too strange to see them looking this good after what we saw the first few weeks. This was the first game where we saw what we EXPECTED to see from them starting Week 1. Our analysts disagree the most with where this team should be in the rankings but the aggregate puts them here. You can bet that if Houston repeats this next week they are going to keep climbing.

18. Dallas Fuel (0 – 2)

Not a ton to say here. Another week with a team that didn’t play due to cancelled games. Without a doubt, new Dallas is better than old Dallas. But, we aren’t confident enough to move them out from this spot since we have seen so little from them. Plus, they didn’t win either home game so that isn’t looking great for them either. We will also have to wait until Week 8 to see this squad in San Fransisco against two extremely powerful foes. So, yet another rough spot for the blue flame.

19. Toronto Defiant (1 – 4) -4

From 9th to 19th in two weeks! Just sad. The Defiant are just not sure what to do right now. They look like there is just no communication happening during every team fight. We would blame the Hero Pools but they looked like way last week as well. Something is just not clicking and we’re not sure if even Toronto knows what that is let alone us. Right now they have two things to look forward to: 1. they play the Washington Justice next week and then 2. their bye week is after that. Hopefully, this is just a slump that can be corrected because 19th is not a great look for the Toronto Defiant.

20. Boston Uprising (1 – 4)

This is starting to look very unprofessional. When the only good look for your team is the occasional team fight win that is single handedly one by your Jerry-Carry, you have a serious problem. Forcing the Sigma pick during every map was also very painful to watch because it was clearly not effective. Huk’s “moneyball” tactics are not working out for him and at some point you can’t force a team of (mostly) low tier players to compete at a high level. It CAN work from time to time like in Season One but it’s got to be about winning at some point. We would like to say there is hope for this team but right now there is nothing pretty on the horizon.