DraftBuff’s Overwatch League 2020 Week 4 Power Rankings

These rankings are built by some of the most in-the-know OWL content creators. To make the rankings as accurate as rankings can be, we get an aggregate of each analysts perspectives. We average them out and see where the teams fall. Power rankings are not based on wins alone. It is more about the actual “power” level of the teams. These brilliant analysts help bring different perspectives to OWL and we highly recommend that you check them out. They are: BiggusDiccus, Totemlydrunk , DeathBlow, Kyle Wynn, ASmith, Tepojama, and more to come! Most have their own podcasts breaking down the games, fantasy players, and spicy news in the Overwatch League.

1. San Francisco Shock (1 – 0)

Well, sadly, we haven’t seen our season 2 champions play since week 1. What we saw was great! They still looked like a championship team. They sit a top the pile mostly because we are giving them the benefit of the Coronavirus-doubt that they are still the best. And, for now, it doesn’t look like we will see them before Week 8 at their ShockFest Homestand. How much longer can their title keep them here before Philly takes the top spot? We will have to see.

2. Philadelphia Fusion (5 – 0)

Just WOW! There is not enough good that can be said about this team. Carpe is UNSTOPPABLE! It looks like this squad has been playing together for years and it has only been four weeks. You could make a case why every player on this team is the MVP so far. The support line coming up from contenders is not just delivering as top scorers in fantasy but they are delivering in game as well. Funnyastro’s agro style is paying dividends for Philly. Alarm is Carpe’s dream come true. They look like they have no weakness. However, hero pools are starting in Week 5 and Carpe was severely nerfed by them. His top two heroes (McCree & Widowmaker) have been banned for the week. On top of this, they are facing their toughest opponent yet, the Paris Eternal. With the hero bans in play, will the boys in orange hold on to the undefeated streak? or will we see a flaw in their play that will allow Paris to over take them?

3. Vancouver Titans (2 – 0)

Our season two runner ups are have also been highly effected by the the game cancellations so far. We have still only seen two games from them and they were both intense. We all agree that many people are sleeping on them and their ability to be flexible outside of GOATS. There are still questions about who will be their starting flex support but as long a Ryujehong stays on the bench they should be fine. Like the Shock, we aren’t going to see these guys until the end of March but they will have had plenty of time to adjust to hero pools by then. We can expect top tier play from this team until proven otherwise.

4. New York Excelsior (4 -1) +1

Well NYXL seem to have completely forgotten that they slipped up last week. They went back to Nenne and Libero and that really seemed to fix a lot of the flaws in their gameplay. While it is good to think of the long game and give WhoRU stage time, it’s probably best to give him stage time on heroes that he is good at. Mei is NOT one of them. Despite Florida being a softer team (they are ever improving), they didn’t give up the win to NYXL that easily. New York had to fight but they looked MUCH better and much more coordinated doing it. This weeks hero pool looks like it could strengthen the Excelsior if they decide to run Genji/Tracer with SBB and Libero while putting Mano on the Winston were he thrives. They are playing Washington who is no push over (if they could remember where the point is) so this could be an interesting week for the NYXL.

5. Paris Eternal (3 – 1) +6

They were supposed to be “crushed” by Atlanta. “They won’t be good until Sp9rk1e comes of age” is what everyone was saying about this team. Everyone. Was. Dead. WRONG! This team is unreal right now. They are making their mixed roster work like a well oiled machine and Xzi is proving his worth on every map. He is proving this teams doesn’t even need Sp9rk1e to be top 5. Their only loss what the first match of the entire season while they were finding their footing and they found it fast. Even that match was insanely close. Paris is unarguably the team to beat right now. They look good on so many levels and Hanbin is proving he could be a top 5 off tank in the league right now. Now, this week is the first with hero pools and we have mainly seen Xzi on McCree but that argument is out the window because his top opponent will be Carpe who is the McCree god (RIP Pine). So, this match up against the Philadelphia Fusion is going to be extremely telling for Paris to see where they really stand.

6. Shanghai Dragons (0 – 0)

Sadly, we have not seen this team play yet due to coronavirus that is spreading throughout China, Korea, and now the rest of the world. But, they were one of the hottest teams at the end of last season and their roster got even better in the offseason. The addition of Fleta, Void, and Stand1 is a huge upgrade to a team that was already on fire. With Overwatch League moving away from GOATs and towards hero pools, this team is poised to thrive.

7. Seoul Dynasty (0 – 0)

Yet again, sadly, we have not seen this team play yet due to coronavirus. But, out of all the teams in the off season, Seoul probably made the boldest and biggest moves. Some might call this team the London Dynasty because they picked up three season one grand finals champions Profit, Gesture, and Bdosin. After a sad season two London was blown up and these Korean heroes left their old team because they have something that want to prove to their home fans. We expect a Seoul to live up to its expectations; an unstoppable force poised to reach the top and win it all. Will the season veterans and the crew rise to the top? Or will they falter yet again? How much longer can they wait?

8. Atlanta Reign (1 – 1) -4

That red text above is not because their team colors are red. Atlanta was not what we expected to see from them for the first time this season. They rolled out a starting roster that was questionable at best. Not playing Edison was a shock but what was more shocking was the result of the Paris match. Their win over Toronto might have meant more if Toronto hadn’t lost to Outlaws as well. Hopefully, this was just a “lesson learned” weekend for the Reign. Maybe this is a team that is at their best under pressure as we saw last year? Either way, they should be off the hook this next week as they look to face an ever crumbling Boston. If they struggle, what does that mean for Atlanta?

9. Los Angeles Gladiators (0 – 1) -1

This might be the team we wish we could see play the most. They looked extremely promising against the Titans in Week 1 and they could have easily won that matchup. Birdring is probably chomping at the bit dying to prove that he is not washed up. Sadly, we will not be seeing them until the ShockFest at the end of March. What can we expect from this exciting new squad?

10. Guangzhou Charge (0 – 0) +1

And again, another team we have not seen play yet due to coronavirus that is spreading throughout China, Korea, and the rest of the world. This was also a team that ended last season on a high. Like many teams, they did not look good in the GOATs meta and once it began to fade, this deadly group of players began to emerge from the ashes. With the likes of Nero, Happy, and Shu joined by ex-philly player, Neptuno (the battle mercy himself) this team is ready for a more DPS centric style of Overwatch. The rest of the teams below here that have played have not played well enough yet to jump into the top 10 and so the Charge are going to fill this spot for now.

11. Hangzhou Spark (0 – 0) +1

Alas, yet another team we have not seen play yet due to coronavirus that is spreading throughout China, Korea, and the rest of the world. Why so low? Didn’t they finish top four last season and do pretty well in the playoffs? They proved they were good at GOATs and have some great team synergy reminiscent of the Shock. The only additions they made to the roster were two lesser known players from contenders China (M1ka and Coldest) and because we haven’t seen them play as well in a more DPS heavy meta it’s hard to know where this crew falls. For now, we didn’t want to put them below the play-ins spot but we need to get some evidence on what these guys can do once hero pools are the name of the game. (They only moved up because some teams moved down).

12. Washington Justice (1 – 3) +1

These guys had a bye week. That might explain why most (not all) of the games were on the rather boring side. Without question, this team is truly fun to watch. As we mentioned last week, the only thing this team lacks is the ability to focus on the actual objective. We would add that they desperately need Lullshish to get his visa issue sorted out. Roar is looking like the weak link on this team so far. The Justice have some of the highest team-fight win percentages but they forget about what really matters in the match. What is worse, they are facing a juggernaut, the NYXL, who never forgets the “point” of the match. If Justice are going to take a win off of the NYXL, they are going to have to tighten up their play and Roar needs to stop dying first. This coming weeks hero pools shouldn’t effect them too much but it is still going to take them a lot to come out of the week with a win. (They only moved up because some teams moved down).

13. London Spitfire (3 – 2) +4

London is getting better and better every series they play. They are a team that just won’t quit. The are finding ways to win in situations were you would expect they shouldn’t. These players who were “No-Names” before are going to become names that many teams will begin to fear. There is a fire under these guys and you can feel it. That fire is growing from week to week. Their weakness keeping them at this spot is that, though they are getting wins, they are doing so very sloppily. The are barely beating the softer teams and they still have a lot to figure out in terms of clean team play if they are going to get wins from the top end of the league. Glister is hard carrying his team right now and he IS the reason why the have three wins. They have another bye this week so we will have see what they can do when they face Philly and Atlanta in Week 6.

14. Florida Mayhem (1 – 3)

Florida is finally starting to get somewhere with their current team. Although it is not showing up in the form of wins just yet, this team is on the rise. They barely dropped their map 5 against London and they didn’t look too bad against NYXL all things considered. They are just outside of the play-in spot and, even though it is early, they can definitely get into the play-in tournament by the end of the season. That is something that was unthinkable the last two seasons of the Overwatch League.

15. Toronto Defiant (1 – 3) -6

Oof. Big Oof. We were just praising this team last week and then Week 4 happened (or didn’t happen if you are the Toronto Defiant). Something went horribly wrong for this squad and they couldn’t contain it. It actually got worse for them on every map ending with losing to the worst team in the league, the Houston Outlaws, as the cherry on top. There isn’t a lot to say about a very poor performance from a team that took Philly to 5 maps just last week. Hopefully this can be a week that they can put behind them going into Week 5. They have a chance to get a win against the Florida Mayhem but after seeing how Toronto performed in Week 4, a lot will have to change to be able to beat Florida.

16. Chengdu Hunters

The last of our beloved Chinese teams that we have not seen play yet due to coronavirus that is spreading throughout China and Korea. We all know how scrappy and meta-defying this team is. They are fun to watch and often take surprising wins most people weren’t expecting. They also are a team that historically loses to teams that they should beat as well. A few new changes to their roster could bring them some more consistency namely Leave and Ating but we will have to see them play first. Once they do we will have a better idea of where they sit. For now, they are going to have to sit at 16 in the ranks.

17. Los Angeles Valiant (1 – 1) -2

Yet another team that we are not going to be able to see until Week 8 in San Fransisco. The Valiant were a very fun team to watch with KSP and KSF leading the charge. Is this a team that is going to thrive in hero pools or will they be limited? So many questions and uncertainties about this squad keeps them here in this spot. (They only dropped 2 because we haven’t seen them play and some teams moved up).

18. Dallas Fuel (0 – 2)

Not a ton to say here. Another week with a team that didn’t play due to cancelled games. Without a doubt, new Dallas is better than old Dallas. But, we aren’t confident enough to move them out from this spot since we have seen so little from them. Plus, they didn’t win either home game so that isn’t looking great for them either. We will also have to wait until Week 8 to see this squad in San Fransisco against two extremely powerful foes. So, yet another rough spot for the blue flame.

19. Houston Outlaws (1 – 5) +1

Guess who is moving up in the world?! Your Houston Outlaws! Oh wait, from 20th to 19th. Still not great BUT, they got a “W.” They got that “W” from the Toronto Defiant of all teams. This was definitely something we did not see coming. They finally figured their stuff out and they put Linkzr on the stage and they won! Imagine that. The Linkzr/Hydration DPS duo looked LOADS better than Blas√© and Danteh even though all four of them played at some point during the weekend. Also, you can’t discredit the home crowd advantage. That crowd was nuts and they were very engaged with their team. We wouldn’t say this team is back but, hey, a win is a win! We want to see this team do better. We know they can. Now it is time for them to prove it.

20. Boston Uprising (1 – 2) -1

Welp. Jerry could not carry. It was a hopeless battle against the number two team in the league (the Fusion) and so all they could do was try to make it a match. Sadly, they even failed at that. It is becoming too familiar having Boston at the bottom of the league. One of their biggest tasks right now is to figure out who their starting line up is going be. Having some kind of consistency will probably help them get some wins throughout the league. Hero pools could also present and level of complexity for the Uprising which is not what they need right now. It is another sad week for the Boston Uprising.