Overwatch League: Week 3 Power Rankings

These rankings are built by some of the most in-the-know OWL content creators. To make the rankings as accurate as rankings can be, we get an aggregate of each analysts perspectives. We average them out and see where the teams fall. Power rankings are not based on wins alone. It is more about the actual “power” level of the teams. These brilliant analysts help bring different perspectives to OWL and we highly recommend that you check them out. They are: BiggusDiccus, Totemlydrunk , DeathBlow, Kyle Wynn, and more to come! Most have their own podcasts breaking down the games, fantasy players, and spicy news in the Overwatch League.

1. San Francisco Shock

Our season two champions still sit atop the ranking at number one because there is no reason to move them just yet. They had a dominant performance against a rising Dallas Fuel squad, putting up not only numbers to win the match but fantasy points to win every league! We have been graced with only one match and they proved they still belong here.

2. Philadelphia Fusion

Wow, we knew this team would be good, but we didn’t know they would be second place by Week 3! They crushed the NYXL convincingly on Saturday and they handled the Defiant as well. Philadelphia is for real and until we see them fail, they have secured 2nd place in our power rankings.

3. Vancouver Titans

This beast of a team is still playing top tier Overwatch. Many thought the loss of Bumper, Rapel, and their head coach would be enough to send them down the ranks. But, in a tough 5-map win vs the much improved Los Angeles Gladiators, they continued to show they were the in the season two grand finals for a reason.

4. Atlanta Reign

Though we have not seen this team play, we still have reason to believe that they will be a dominant team this season. Considering their impressive post-season run (only falling to the NYXL) and the additions of Edison, Hawk, and Sharp to the crew, there is no reason to put these guys below here.

5. New York Excelsior

The NYXL have a new look this year. They lost Meko to the Houston Outlaws and they picked up Fusion University god WhoRU, as well as XL2 Bianca, O2 Blast Mandu, and Hotba. The first two weeks of the season looked like old school NYXL. SBB on Tracer and consistent team fight wins. Dominance…until last Saturday. They were obliterated by their fiercest rivals, the Philadelphia Fusion, 3-1. It’s still early, but they have some weaknesses that need to be addressed if they are going to get back to the top 3.

6. Shanghai Dragons

Sadly, we have not seen this team play yet due to coronavirus that is spreading throughout China and Korea. But, they were one of the hottest teams at the end of last season and their roster got even better in the offseason. The addition of Fleta, Void, and Stand1 is a huge upgrade to a team that was already on fire. With Overwatch League moving away from GOATs and towards hero pools, this team is poised to thrive.

7. Seoul Dynasty

Again, sadly, we have not seen this team play yet due to coronavirus. But, out of all the teams in the off season, Seoul probably made the boldest and biggest moves. Some might call this team the London Dynasty because they picked up three season one grand finals champions Profit, Gesture, and Bdosin. After a sad season two London was blown up and these Korean heroes left their old team because they have something that want to prove to their home fans. We expect a Seoul to live up to its expectations; an unstoppable force poised to reach the top and win it all. Will the season veterans and the crew rise to the top? Or will they falter yet again?

8. Los Angeles Gladiators

This is the team that has always been in the mix. The Gladiators have made the playoffs every year but didn’t quite get to the top three. This is the team who makes every team fight tooth and nail for the win. This is the team who added some huge talent. Birdring, Space, and Mirror are some huge names that were added to this roster. Everyone thinks Birdring is “washed up” and he showed in his Gladiator debut vs the Titans how wrong everyone is. He has something to prove. This TEAM has something to prove and they aren’t leaving the top 10 any time soon.

9. Toronto Defiant

A team that most people thought would be a bottom five team is shaping up to be a team that needs to be taken seriously. With the additions of Surefour, Kariv, Beast, Agilities, and Nevix, this team seemed like it could have been the Canadian “meme-team.” On the contrary, they have proven to be a crew that is for real. Taking the Fusion to a nail-bitting map 5 is no tall task. Toronto was ranked below 15th in most places before the start of the season and after the first few weeks, we believe they deserve a spot in the top 10.

10. Guangzhou Charge

And again, another team we have not seen play yet due to coronavirus that is spreading throughout China and Korea. This was also a team that ended the season on a high. Like many teams, they did not look good in the GOATs meta and once it began to fade, this deadly group of players began to emerge from the ashes. With the likes of Nero, Happy, and Shu joined by ex-philly player, Neptuno (the battle mercy himself) this team is ready for a more DPS centric style of Overwatch. The rest of the teams below here that have played have not played well enough yet to jump into the top 10 and so the Charge are going to fill this spot for now.

11. Paris Eternal

We were gifted another pleasant surprise in our first three weeks of Overwatch and that is the Paris Eternal. Xzi has been shocking the world and Hanbin is showing he has been OWL ready for a while now. This team was slated for a possible dead last spot and instead they have proven that they are here to compete. They handled a surprisingly competent London Spitfire and took care of a close game against the Washington Justice. They fell to the Toronto Defiant, however, and since the teams that they have beaten so far are slightly weaker we put Paris just barely outside the top 10. Once their superstar Sp9rk1e turns 18 late in the season this team could be SCARY. The question is, will they win enough games between now and then to keep them in it? If so, this team could run deep into the post season.

12. Hangzhou Spark

Alas, yet another team we have not seen play yet due to coronavirus that is spreading throughout China and Korea. Why so low? Didn’t they finish top four last season and do pretty well in the playoffs? They proved they were good at GOATs and have some great team synergy reminiscent of the Shock. The only additions they made to the roster were two lesser known players from contenders China (M1ka and Coldest) and because we haven’t seen them play as well in a more DPS heavy meta it’s hard to know where this crew falls. For now, we didn’t want to put them below the play-ins spot but we need to get some evidence on what these guys can do once hero pools are the name of the game.

13. Washington Justice

This team is ELECTRIC! They are chalk full of talent and oozing with potential. They fight every team so unbelievably close. But final blows and winning the fight is not the “POINT.” With the DPS god Corey and his Stratus counterpart, this team really is great! But they lack one thing: “The Clutch Factor.” They don’t finish it out when it actually matters. Washington is too often off the payload/point getting kills but not progressing. For that reason they are 1-3 right now. If they can fix this, and if they can develop “The Clutch Factor,” they will soar into the top 10.

14. Florida Mayhem

As a team who finished dead last in season two, this is the highest this team has ever been ranked before. This is probably more of a welcome change for fans than the rebrand. It’s amazing what a little bit of Runaway (Yaki and Gangnamjin) magic can do for a team. After going through a fair amount of players, they look as if they may have found their footing. They did drop a match against an unstoppable Fusion squad, but they started their season with a win and they looked good doing it. Florida is facing a slipping NYXL next week and if they can make it close, we might have a truly new and improved squad called the Florida Mayhem.

15. Los Angeles Valiant

Another fairly nice surprise for most of us. Everyone had Valiant set for 20th place in the Overwatch League, and this still could be a rebuild season for them. But a few of their new additions (namely KSP and McGravy) are showing that they may have other plans. They played strong in their win verses the Dallas Fuel but then were crushed by the Vancouver Titans. KSP and McGravy were two of the highest scoring fantasy players in the first two weeks. This is another team oozing with potential and their direction in the rankings will be determined on how well they can utilize it.

16. Chengdu Hunters

The last of our beloved Chinese teams that we have not seen play yet due to coronavirus that is spreading throughout China and Korea. We all know how scrappy and meta-defying this team is. They are fun to watch and often take surprising wins most people weren’t expecting. They also are a team that historically loses to teams that they should beat as well. A few new changes to their roster could bring them some more consistency namely Leave and Ating but we will have to see them play first. Once they do we will have a better idea of where they sit. For now, they are going to have to sit at 16 in the ranks.

17. London Spitfire

London has a whole new look. The OG London we all knew has been blown up, and we have a whole new squad of no-names. What’s crazy is that they looked more competitive than most people expected. But competitive is not enough: wins are what matters in the end. They dropped their first two matches against NYXL and Paris and barely pulled out a win against the Washington Justice. This is about where they were ranked before the season and until they can show that they are a force to be reckoned with, it is here that they will stay.

18. Dallas Fuel

We wanted to put Dallas higher on the list but when you don’t win a single game at home that doesn’t bode well. This team has had struggles since day one. They certainly looked better this year than the previous years but then again, so do most other squads in the Overwatch League. If Dallas do find a way to get themselves into the play-ins by the end of the season it will be on the back of Decay. That man is an ANIMAL! He was the leader in final blows during the Dallas Homestand weekend. If the coaching staff can figure out the best combination of players (including Crimzo) then they might have a chance to move to the middle of the pack. For now, we have not seen enough from them to deserve a higher rank.

19. Boston Uprising

Yikes. From a squad that finished 19th last season to that same spot so far, their future is looking tough. Although, Jerry-Carry might be a highlight of their squad, they really need to look inside themselves to see if they can find what they need to start winning matches. It took them 7 maps of Gold Tier play to get a win against the actual worst team in the league. That is a big yikes. The hope? It is early in the season so maybe they can figure something out but their ceiling is looking low.

20. Houston Outlaws

There is way too much to be said about this sad squad that we can’t do it all here. Abysmal might be a word to sum it up. This team was actually hyped up to be a strong middle of the pack team, but that did not happen. For all of the fans out there, lets hope that it really was just the sickness that caused them to perform like this. If not, it is going to be a long season for them. Meko (former NYXL off tank) was the only player who looked like he was ready to play but one can only peel for so many of their players. The worst part of all of this is that this weekend is their Homestand and a win does not look likely for them.