New Formats & Scoring Changes: DraftBuff’s Guide to CDL Champs

After a long and drama filled inaugural CDL season, it’s finally time for the big one: The 1st ever CDL Champs. Although it’s online, there’s a lot at stake, and we’ve got you covered to playing fantasy throughout the whole thing.

Call of Duty League Champs start date Activision
Courtesy of Activision

Fantasy Formats

We’ve added 2 new Fantasy Formats to the fray for Champs, Salary Leagues and Bracket Royales. You can read more about them here.

For Salary Leagues, since Champs is only 2 weeks long, each matchup will be daily. That means after every day of games, you’ll have to update your lineup for your next matchup! This should make each day of champs that much more tense and fun to watch.

For Bracket Royales, this is your chance to select your optimal predictions for Champs. Compete in a pool with your favorite community member, or join the official DraftBuff Royale here.

Scoring Changes

We’ve learned a lot during the season for CDL Leagues, and so we’re making a couple tweaks to our scoring format based on your feedback.

  • Removed FLEX role – There has been a lot of debate about who is a AR/FLEX/SMG throughout the year. Since FLEX essentially means that you are sometimes with an AR and sometimes with a SMG, we decided to remove the role, and instead make all players who were FLEX have both the AR and SMG roles. Default Lineups now consist of 1 AR, 1 SMG, and 3 UTIL.
  • Buffed SnD scoring – When we looked at the numbers from the regular season, we realized that SnD wasn’t nearly factored in highly enough, considering the importance of the mode. Therefore, we decided to make the following changes:
    • SnD Kills Per Round – 30 -> 40
    • New Stat: SnD First Bloods -> 50

Once again, we wanted to thank you so much for all your support and hope you’ve enjoyed your fantasy leagues thus far. It’s been an awesome year, and we have a special place in our hearts for the COD community. Hope to see ya’ll playing Salary Leagues and Bracket Royales for Champs!