LPL Even Stronger, West Inconsistent: DraftBuff’s LoL Global Power Rankings – Summer Week 5

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Welcome to Week 5 of our Power Rankings! For the most part minor shifts have happened, however with the LEC taking a break this week, the European teams did get brought down slightly simply as a result of that. Don’t worry though, they’re likely to climb back up with the LEC back in action next week! As usual here is the criteria that we follow:

1. Current placement in standings – Simply put, this reflects what position the team is in their own local league. It doesn’t take into account anything else other than their current placement in the standings.

2. Projected trajectory – This criteria is determined by what is the expected trajectory of a team. For example, G2 had a rough Week 1 in the 2020 Summer Split. But we take into account the fact that G2 is a powerhouse and one of the two most dominant teams in LEC history. With that in mind we expect them to shape up and get better throughout the split.

3. Expectations vs Results – This is similar to the projected trajectory except it takes it and compares it to what the reality is right now. If a team is expected to shape up but is struggling at the moment, we take that into account. Think of this criteria as a hybrid between the first two criteria we listed above!

4. Weekly individual performance for the players – Last but not least, this criteria is determined by how well the players are performing individually on the team. Simple as that!

With no further ado, here are the rankings:

1. TOP Esports 

2. DragonX 

3. LGD Gaming 

4. Victory Five 

5. DAMWON Gaming 

6. Team WE  (+3)

7. MAD Lions (-1)

8. JD Gaming (+4)

9. FunPlus Phoenix (-2)

10. Cloud9 (-2)

11. Gen.G (+1)

12. Rogue (-2)

13. T1 (-2)

14. Royal Never Give Up (+1)

15. G2 Esports (-1)

16. Afreeca Freecs

17. Suning 

18. Invictus Gaming (+1)

19. Team Dynamics (+1)

20. Origen (-2)

Top 5

Image courtesy of Gamereactor UK

Can anyone stop TOP Esports? Right now it doesn’t seem like it. The LPL powerhouse crushed reigning world champions FunPlus Phoenix in a dominant 2-0 fashion. This allows them to retain their spot for yet another week. The Top 5 also remains the same for the most part. While DragonX did suffer their first loss of the split, they did beat DAMWON Gaming, who in turn made short work of Afreeca Freecs. LGD Gaming and Victory Five also took a win each but it was against weaker opponents, with LGD also suffering a loss to a surging JD Gaming. All in all, the Top 5 remains consistent for this week and we’ll keep monitoring each of these teams’ consistency.

Upper Half

The major change of the Upper Half is JD Gaming climbing up the ranks even further after another strong week of play, racking up two new wins. Rogue exits the Upper Half due to the LEC being on break but they will likely climb back up due to Cloud9’s fumble. Speaking of the LCS champions, they suffered their first defeat of the split. But not to an expected opponent like Team SoloMid or Team Liquid, they suffered it to a 100 Thieves squad to the shock of many. While we don’t want to bump down Cloud9 too low after one loss, considering they are playing in a weaker region at the moment, we must bump them down at least a little. We’ll be keeping a very close eye on Cloud9. If they suffer another surprise loss next week, expect them to fall down even further.

Team WE is also climbing up at a good rate, with the team currently sitting in 5th place of the LPL. This is surprising to many as their roster isn’t exactly made up of stars, but similarly to Victory Five, that is what makes their performance all the more impressive. Expect this team to climb even higher if they can continue picking up more wins.

Lower Half

Pretty minor changes in the Lower Half for this week. Gen.G climbs up a bit with Rogue not playing this week due to the LEC break and T1 suffering an upset loss to Team Dynamics. Royal Never Give Up also climbed up by a small bit after a decent 2-0 win against EDward Gaming. G2 Esports falls down one spot for the same reason as Rogue, but we absolutely expect them to ascend the rankings as soon as the LEC is back in action. Even more so after Perkz returns to the roster following his break from competitive play.

Bottom 5

Image courtesy of ONE Esports

Invictus Gaming managed to take two sketchy wins against the struggling Bilibili Gaming and eStar Gaming. While these wins don’t really show much and we’re still very skeptical about the consistency and overall strength of the team, IG still earned the right to get bumped up by a small margin.

Team Dynamics also did after taking a surprise 2-1 win against T1. Expectations for this team are still not the best and it’s clear that their easier early schedule played a big role in their solid start. Nevertheless with this win over a weakened T1, Team Dynamics retains their spot in this week’s rankings and climbs up by one spot as well. Other than that everything remains mostly the same with Origen occupying the bottom spot for now, due to the LEC break.

Thanks for reading as usual! When it comes to our judgement, we don’t get affected by how popular teams are or how much flack we will receive for posting controversial opinions. We only share our opinions, whatever they may be. And if you want to share yours, please do vote in the community rankings regularly to have your voice heard!