LoL Fantasy Individual Power Rankings: LCS/LEC Week 6

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A Quick Summary

Covering the basics

The What: Check out the previous article for a breakdown of the specifics, but the abridged version as follows: This list ranks players by the difference between their projected points per game and the average points per game at their position. This allows players to be directly compared to players in other positions, and allows for a complete 1-100 power ranking! I’ll continue to provide my power rankings so that it’s clear how they’re impacting the rankings.


Caps is worth gambling on

There’s nothing like a few difficult weeks in a row to really let you know who on the best line-ups is a fantasy carry, and who is fantasy carried. Caps has cemented himself as the former this season, keeping himself a slot in the top 5 of the IPRs while his team is power ranked third, and while all of his teammates drop out of the top 20. This projection had, admittedly, not lined up with reality this season, but only because G2’s record hasn’t matched where most believe they belong. If G2 does turn back up and start winning games, as I fully expect them to, Caps will surely be the most desirable of the G2 team, sporting the highest points per win of any mid laner in either league.


MAD have fully ascended to the throne of “best overall fantasy team” as of this week, with all 5 of their players occupying slots in the top 12 overall. The most impressive is Kaiser, who has attained the rank of #1 overall player, an accomplishment that I may or may not have predicted back in week 2’s article. But it doesn’t stop there, with Orome also at the top of his position, Humanoid and Carzzy taking second place titles, and Shadow keeping a respectable third place, it’s clear that MAD is a fantasy all-star team. Their constant pursuit of fights and variety of playstyles mean that every player on their team is consistently putting up great scores. The alternative can be seen in a team like RGE, where, apart from Larssen, each player is below the top 25, with all 4 of them being underneath a player whose team is actually below them in the power rankings.

A word of caution

As we step into the second round robin and get closer towards the end of the season, it’s more important than ever to keep an eye on player’s remaining schedules. The IPRs rank players in a vacuum, assuming an equal amount of games against each other team in the league. The closer we get towards the end of the season, the less true this becomes, making the IPRs more of a discussion of fantasy potential than a guide on winning weeks 7, 8 and 9. Teams looking especially good for the playoffs weeks are C9, FLY, TL, MAD, RGE, and G2, none of whom I expect to drop more than a single game in the final 2 weeks of the season.  Teams like TSM and EG, however, are less reliable as they play some of their more difficult matches in those crucial final weeks.

The data compiled to create these rankings is available here. Thank you, as always, to Tim at Oracleselixir for supplying the data necessary to make this happen.

One more left before the end of the split, considering some changes to the approach coming into next season. I’d love to hear what you guys are interested in, so if you have any questions or feedback, hit me up on Twitter at @LoL_G0RDO.