LEC Fantasy 2021: Summer Player Rankings

Off the back of a solid MSI performance in which MAD Lions took DWG KIA to Silver Scrapes, EU is back and looking to continue their run internationally at Worlds this year, and to show that the region is more than just G2 Esports.

If you’re reading this, you’re here for one thing only- to get the edge over your friends and competitors, and draft the best team possible. Fear not, we’re here to help! Our analysts Gui & Max have been busy in DraftBuff Towers ranking the players (and their numerous roleswaps) for you, so you can plan ahead when drafting your team.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

As expected, G2, Rogue and Spring champions MAD Lions dominate the top 3 in every role, and it would be crazy to suggest any of their players fall out of the top 3 in those roles. The old kings FNATIC have suffered a slight fall from grace after some risky roster moves and a below-expectations Spring split, and any chance of SK players breaking into the top 4 were wiped away after some frankly crazy roster decisions this past week.

A significant mover in the right direction is Team Vitality- the team finished at the foot of the table in Spring but genuinely look like they could challenge for a winner’s bracket spot in the Summer playoffs. Bringing in SLT from Berlin international Gaming and LIDER from Mousesports is great business to tidy up some weak points in the team, but the best business for them is definitely getting Selfmade from FNATIC. The Polish jungler is a top talent, and if he lands on his feet this split, Vitality will be a real challenger for a Top 4 finish in the regular season.