League of Legends Week In Review: 15-21 March 2021

Last week marked the first few matches of the playoffs for the LCS, some vital matches in playoff seeding in the LCK, but unfortunately no LEC! Those playoff matches start this coming Friday, and they’ll be back in the roundup next week.


Match Roundup: In the two Best-Of-5s, it’s safe to say we didn’t exactly see many unexpected results. In the first series of the weekend, it was a shaky performance from both Team Liquid and TSM, who will have done little to further convince their fans they’re going to be lifting the trophy in a couple of weeks. Liquid took a rapid 2-0 lead, but TSM rapidly threw a spanner in the works by pulling a game back via a fantastic showing from Spica. However, TL quickly secured the series and a spot in the Winner’s Final by taking Game 4, with Jensen notching up 47.62 points in that final game alone.

The next day saw 100 Thieves face off against Cloud9, who won Spring last year. While expectations were high for 100T coming into the season, they’ve looked shaky as of late, and this was very clear to see in the series, with C9 showing it was an ‘everywhere diff’. Zven only died twice in the whole series; meanwhile, not a single 100T player earned over 40 points in the 3-0 C9 win. The series was over in a little under 3 hours.

Match To Watch: This week we’ll be seeing Dignitas and 100 Thieves face off in the loser’s bracket- the winner of this series will advance to the Loser’s final to compete with the winner of EG-TSM for a spot in the Grand Final, while the loser of this series won’t play again until Summer. Both of these teams have shown themselves to be strong when they’re on a roll, but dismal when they can’t get it going. If both teams turn up, we can expect this one to go the full 5 games, and it’s safe to say all eyes will be on the bot lane matchup of Neo & Aphromoo VS FBI and Huhi.

Player To Watch: Our player to watch this week is Evil Geniuses midlaner Jiizuke. His performances this season have been a complete coin flip- do you get Faker, or do you get a rather expensive Clash player? Who knows, but it’s always interesting to see. With such high stakes and a matchup he can realistically win, Jiizuke could be an entertaining watch come Saturday.


Match Roundup: No matches this week! This section will return in the next edition.

Match To Watch: On Sunday we’re going to be treated to MAD Lions VS Rogue in the first round, and what a match it is likely to be. Both are top-3 teams that realistically have a decent chance of making the finals, if not winning it all. Rogue has been slightly better as of late, but MAD aren’t too far behind at all, and with the cerebral mind of Elyoya in the jungle as well as a reliable toplaner in Armut, this series has every chance to cause an early Silver Scrapes rendition.

Player To Watch: This week, our eyes are going to be trained on Fnatic’s ADC, Upset. Picking Upset up was a controversial move, but it seems to have paid off, with Fnatic looking their strongest when Upset is ahead and they play through bot. However, with such a high-stakes game to play against a strong-looking SK, it could all come unraveled this weekend. Either way, it’s one we’re going to be watching with great interest.


Match Roundup: In this week’s marquee matchup of 1st v 2nd, it was 2nd that came out on top, with DRX taking a 2-1 victory against DWG KIA, who were playing with a ShowMaker who was ill. Let’s hope he can recover in time for playoffs! T1 claimed their 3rd & 4th wins in a row despite a shaky series against Afreeca Freecs, which shows that the team is on the right track, but isn’t there just yet. Finally, Nongshim Redforce picked up a vital win against Afreeca Freecs, and will arrive into the final week with a good chance at clinching the final spot into the playoffs.

Match To Watch: This is a tough one, as there are 4 teams that can still clinch 4th place in the LCK going into the final week, so all matches should be ones to watch! Therefore, we’re expanding it this week- we recommend watching Nongshim vs KT Rolster on Thursday and Nongshim vs Fredit BRION on Saturday!

Player To Watch: Celebrating his 8th anniversary as a pro player, who could be our player to watch this week if not the Unkillable Demon King himself? Faker is not only the most iconic player in LoL’s history, but since returning to the starting line-up he has been putting one great performance after another, just in time for his favorite part of the season – playoffs.