LCS Fantasy: 2021 Spring Player Rankings

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New year, new luck for North American League of Legends? Well, we might have been saying this for some years now, but this one *really* can be NA’s year to at least start building the foundations towards a brighter future. But let’s talk Fantasy LCS! You obviously want to dominate your leagues and trash-talk your friends after coming out on top at the end of the season, right? So in order to assist you towards these noble goals, we prepared our LCS Cheat Sheet, which will help you deciding which players you should definitely prioritize while drafting!

As usual, a few things first: if you’re completely new to Fantasy League of Legends, check out our intro article here (and the other support articles!). If you have any questions on how to play Fantasy at DraftBuff feel free to tweet at us or send us a message on Discord!

Without further ado, our expert fantasy analysts Gui and Max have compiled their fantasy rankings. Before you do your first draft, we recommend taking a look at our rankings.

Here are the rankings broken down by position: