LCK Summer 2020 Teams to Watch: Week 1

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All of the major regions are underway now that the LCK has finally kicked off! With this finally happening, there is now somewhat of an idea of where the LCK teams are sitting early in the split in terms of strength.

Here are the standings after the first week of games, and it has been a bit surprising. However, it is just the first week back in a while for most teams, while DAMWON, DRX, Gen.G, and T1 had more recent games due to the Mid Season Cup between the LPL and LCK.

Now here are two teams to look out for this summer.

Team Dynamics

Team Dynamics started their summer debut strong with a solid 2-0 against a tough KT Rolster lineup. Team Dynamics has veterans in their mid-laner Kuzan and jungler Beyond, as well as some newer talent in the other lanes of the map. Team Dynamics were able to solve their problems of struggling to close out in the first game against KT with a sub-24-minute game that gave them their first series win in the LCK. However, Team Dynamics then faced tough competition in Afreeca Freecs in their next series, but still managed to take a game off of the talented lineup. Team Dynamics shows promise to be a dark horse contender for playoffs this split if they continue to dominate like they did against KT and have strong performances against teams like Afreeca.


To say that DragonX had a difficult start to summer would be a bit of an understatement. Having to compete against the two Spring finalist teams in T1 and Gen.G is no easy task, but to go back to back is just unfair. However, DRX were able to pull off both series after going to three games in each of them, thus solidifying their spot as one of, if not the top team right now in the LCK. Every single player on DRX could easily have an argument for the best player in their role in the LCK, and with more performances like the ones they had against the other top teams, DRX are ready to silence the doubters and forget about the Mid Season Cup slump altogether and focus on winning it all this summer.

Now with the first week finished, be on the lookout for a fierce and competitive LCK summer. There are plenty of teams who have the talent to make it all the way, but only one will be champions in the end!