How to Play Fantasy Call of Duty

The Call of Duty League is entering its second season in 2021, which means more potential fans looking to get involved in Fantasy. Here is what you can expect this season from a Fantasy standpoint.

 1. Join a League

DraftBuff gives you the ability to join a Fantasy League or a Draft Royale. 


If you’re a fan of traditional Fantasy sports, then competing in a  Fantasy League shouldn’t be unfamiliar territory to you. Compete with up to eight players by drafting players in a snake-draft format, ensuring you select players for each role. You will then go head to head with each manager in your league, earning points for each successful win! 

Draft Royales

Draft Royales follow a similar ruling to Daily Fantasy Sports. Each player is assigned a price, and you have the choice of drafting from the entire player pool whilst not exceeding your budget. In the 2021 regular season there will be a total of 20 weeks of action, so you will have the freedom of selecting a different team in each of those weeks! Only one Fantasy manager can come out on top. Could it be you?

2.  Default Scoring system

Call of Duty Esports features 3 different game modes each year. In this iteration, we will be watching Hardpoint, Search and Destroy, and Control. Each game mode is different in their own ways, which means the way of scoring has to be tweaked in accordance. Here is how the default scoring system looks like on DraftBuff, but remember that you are completely customize scoring in your fantasy league if you want so!


In Hardpoint, teams must control objectives around the map, where 1 point is scored per second on the point. Scoring 250 points wins the game, and players must contribute to this win with kills and objective time.

Scoring multipliers (per match)

1 Kill: +2

1 Death: -1

10s OBJ time: +1

Example: Scump gets 20 kills (40), 15 deaths (-15) and 50s OBJ time (5) which results in 30pts

Search and Destroy

Search & Destroy is a game mode where teams must attack a choice of two bomb sites. The attacking team must detonate the bomb while the defending team must defuse it. Teams switch sides after each round and the first team to 6 wins the game. Since this is a one-life game mode, players will typically have much less kills and deaths than Respawn game mode like Hardpoint. This also depends on how long the matches last – more rounds mean more opportunity to get kills.

Scoring Multipliers (per round)

Kill: +30

Death: -10



Control is a lives based game mode which makes its way back into competitive play after being replaced with Domination in 2020. With 30 lives on each team, the attacking team must capture two objective points to win the round, while the defending team must prevent them from doing so. An alternative way to win the round is by depleting the lives of the opposing team.

Scoring multipliers (per match)

Kill: +1.5

Death: -1

OBJ: +7