How do you play Fantasy esports during playoffs? Introducing Salary Leagues and Bracket Royales!

The esports regular season has ended, and you have claimed your fantasy dominance. Your friends bow down to your brilliant trades, waiver wire pickups, and general esports knowledge.

And with the playoffs starting across LoL, CoD, OW and R6, hype is building, and you can’t wait to watch the highest level of competition and see who is crowned champion! But then you remember, there’s no fantasy during the playoffs, and dread starts to build…

Well not anymore! We’ve thought a lot about different formats to support playoffs, and have some ideas that we think fit well, and are fun to play with friends. So, we’re announcing two new formats to play: Salary Leagues and Bracket Royales.

Salary Leagues

Salary Leagues are our answer to the problem with teams getting eliminated every week in playoffs. Essentially they function very similarly to the fantasy leagues you know and love, with one twist: instead of doing a snake style draft, you draft a team based on a budget (similar to a Draft Royale). Every week, the player pool changes, so you’ll be able to modify your team to fit the current set of matches.

Your team is transferred over week to week in salary leagues, but in order to make changes, you’ll need to fit under a certain budget. So theoretically you could have the same team from the first round till the championship, but in order to win you’ll have to make sure that your roster is optimized for the current week of play.

Bracket Royales

Bracket Royales are our version of a March Madness style bracket selection. Pick the teams you think will win (or pick your favorites) and create a pool with your friends to see who comes out as champion. We’ll be offering official DraftBuff Royales, as well as Royales with your favorite community members as well!

As always, let us know your feedback in our Discord, and GLHF this playoff season!