Hi, Korea: Introducing Fantasy LCK for the 2020 Summer Split!

At DraftBuff, we are always looking to provide the best esports Fantasy experience for our community while frequently aiming to expand our horizons, and reach all corners of the world in order to create a global family, united by its passion for esports and fantasy.

For this upcoming League of Legends Summer Split, we are moving one step closer to this goal. Therefore, it is our privilege to say this:

안녕하세요 대한민국, Hello Korea!

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Starting NOW, you can create a fully-customized Fantasy League, invite your friends, draft your LCK dream-team on our app (Download it on iOS and Android!) and see who among you is the ultimate LCK fan!

The choices are many: Faker or BDD? Deft or Teddy? Cuzz or Clid? It is up to YOU to put your experience into practice and draft the best team you can and defeat everyone else!

Alongside the Leagues, we obviously will be releasing Draft Royale tournaments as well. Want to compete against thousands of other people to prove your skills? Then this is your choice!

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