Get Ready to Grind: Announcing the “Race to Tier 10” Competition!

This week has been a very busy one for us at DraftBuff, with the release of our DraftPass Season 2, Premium DraftPass, Quests and Banana Stand, all in once. To celebrate it, we will be running a very interesting competition, aimed for our most active users. 975 XP are required to reach Tier 10 (the maximum rank) in our DraftPass. We estimate that users, on a good week, will be able to get around 150 to 200 XP, meaning we are expecting the first user to reach Tier 10 by end of August.

Our CMO is almost reaching Tier 4…surely you can beat him, right?

But who that person will be? That is where the Race to Tier 10 Competition comes in play! Every week on Monday, we will be releasing on our Twitter, Discord, Instagram and here on our blog a leaderboard with the top 3 users with the highest XP earned so far. The person who reaches Tier 10 first will receive the honor to design their own Avatar + Emote set for DraftBuff, which will be part of our collection for DraftPass Season 3 later this year, as well receiving a very special badge so everyone get to know you are the King (or Queen) of the DraftPass and enough bananas to get all avatars & emotes we currently have for sale.

If you don’t manage to win the contest, no problem too! We are also planning to give participation awards to our top 5 users, so make sure to keep grinding even if someone beats you in the Race to Tier 10!

Do you take what it needs to progress through our Tiers? Do you want to show you are the ultimate esports Fantasy player? Or do you really want to design YOUR avatar on DraftBuff? Then the Race for Tier 10 is made for you! Good luck everyone and see you in the first leaderboard update on Monday!