GenG Upset by Fuego Gaming In Champs Pool Play Day 1

With the CWL Championship Group Stage format, two pro teams and two amateur teams are put into pools and battle it out round robin style. The top two from each pool advance to the double elimination bracket Knockout Stage. For the pro teams who have been competing on the big stage for the entire Pro League season, they are no doubt favored to advance. They’re the 1 seed to the amateur teams’ 16 seed. GenG, for example, lost back-to-back Grand Finals at CWL Anaheim and CWL Miami so a top tier finish was expected.

However, just like in March Madness, anything is fair game and Pool B’s shake up is a testament to that. In an amazing match between GenG and Fuego Gaming, Fuego, an amateur team that placed Top 13-16 in the Amateur Finals at CWL Miami, managed to beat GenG 3-2.

Here’s the series breakdown:

Map 1: Fuego takes HP 250-233
Map 2: GenG takes SND 6-4
Map 3: GenG wins Control 3-0
Map 4: Fuego wins HP 212-250
Map 5: Fuego wins SND 6-3

Fuego celebrating winning against GenG

However, the tournament is far from over for GenG. As FaZe Clan analyst EasyMac says it perfectly:

GenG will play Team WaR at 4:00 PM today so make sure you check back to see GenG’s Champs fate.