First Fantasy Spring Split in the Books!

Hey everyone!

Our first fantasy split is in the books! You should see winners, losers, and some superlatives in your league page. Crazy how quickly this split has gone by…With that, we have some announcements to share with you.

First, although our season long leagues have ended, if you haven’t tried our draft royales (our fun take on salary style DFS), we’ll be doing those for playoffs so recommend giving them a try.

Second, we have enabled the ability to renew your league for the summer split. You can start drafting now with the existing spring split rankings, or hang tight until playoffs have ended. Here’s a screenshot of what that looks like below:

Next, given that we have some time until summer split starts, what are some things you’ll like to see us add? We’re planning on making this BIGGER and BETTER than before and would love your feedback on how to make DraftBuff the best fantasy experience. Here’s a survey to provide some feedback. Also can talk to us on Discord.

Finally, thanks so much for playing! You guys are the best.