Faze Clan – Potential to win CWL Anaheim?

Pro League Success

With CWL Anaheim starting in just 24 hours, everyone is beginning their typical pre-tournament routine: posting their favorite teams, predictions, fantasy teams, trash talking, etc. However, this event is a little different from all the others. The city of Anaheim is rich in COD history and sacred to both fans and players. Many teams will be more prepared and motivated than ever to increase their chances of lifting the trophy. A team with a big shot at doing so is Faze Clan, who recently went 6-1 in the CWL Pro League. Recovering from an agonizing loss at CWL London where the team dropped a map due to a bug, the newly formed team was able to bounce back and show the world their full potential. They defeated Luminosity, Reciprocity and UYU in the first week without dropping a single map. Another three victories were secured in week 8 against Gen.G, Evil Geniuses and Midnight, and Faze ended their campaign with just one loss, coming against Division A leaders Optic Gaming in game 5.

The Players

On April 20th, Faze Clan re-entered the COD World League by purchasing a Pro League spot from Red Reserve. Matthew “Skrapz” Marshall and Trei “Zer0” Morris were acquired, and joined Thomas “ZooMaa” Papparatto on the squad. Academy players McArthur “Cellium” Jovel and Obey “Asim” Asim were recruited from FC Black to complete the 5 man roster.

ZooMaa and Asim are the SMG players in the team, who operate in and around the objective attempting to win the opening engagements. Zer0 returned to the role of main AR, using the ICR-7 to lock down lanes and allow his teammates to attack objectives. They are supported by Skrapz and Cellium, the primary slayers of the team.

Kings of Control?

Data from Faze Clan’s debut in the Pro League shows them go 7-0 in control across 2 weeks of action.

One of the biggest things that stood out since the conclusion of London was Faze Clan’s 100% win rate in Control. In all 7 games they played, no opposing team was able to take more than a single round from them. In addition, no team could overcome Faze on Arsenal offence, Seaside offence, and Gridlock defence. A win rate of 83% on offence and 78% on defence shows how well rounded they are in the game mode, and proved to be too much for any team in their division. Faze Clan are now 10-2 in Control since their forming. This will certainly have an impact on the way teams prepare against them for CWL London.

S&D – Room for Renovation

Faze Clan have the highest first blood win percentage in the pro league overall, however their round win percentage is only 7th best in the league.

Considering their dominance in respawn game modes, Faze Clan could do with some serious improvement in games 2 and 5 to become a more complete team. A 44% win rate in week 7-8 was a big step up from an underwhelming 25% at CWL London. However, this rate of progress needs to be maintained if they want to consistently beat the upper echelon of teams. Another area of concern is losing rounds with a man advantage. Faze Clan lost 7% more S&D rounds than expected, the most in the entire league. Whether this is down to chemistry issues or incorrect decision making, I would not be surprised if this was on top of the to-do list for coach Richard “RJ” Simoncelli.


Carrying a 7 game undefeated Control streak into a major event is great news if you are a fan of Faze Clan. It poses a serious threat to all teams in their group as well as bracket play. Opposing teams would need to win 3 of the remaining 4 maps in the series to secure the victory. If Faze manage to boost their S&D performance, this could give them enough potential to go all the way and be declared champion of CWL Anaheim. Skrapz will be looking for his first major win, along with rookies Cellium and Asim who have the potential to kickstart their careers in the best possible fashion. ZooMa and Zer0 have already overcome the hurdle before, which will give the team enough experience and composure to defeat any team that steps in their path.

Tune in to twitch.tv/callofduty on June 14th at 2PM PT to watch the best teams go head to head, and find out who will be named the winner of CWL Anaheim.