LoL Fantasy: Players to Watch – LCS/LEC Week 2

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Hi! I’m Max, and starting from this week I’ll be writing for DraftBuff’s League of Legends Fantasy game mode. Let’s get started with my Picks to Watch for Week 2 of the LEC and LCS. 

Now, I might not be Faker or Perkz when playing League myself, but I know a thing or two when it comes to the pro scene and Fantasy LCS, having played it since 2016. Each week I’ll aim to share with you my top choices for drafting in DraftBuff’s Fantasy League gamemode, so you can get the edge over your opponent!

We’ll be avoiding picks that will have been drafted by a team nearly 100% of the time, so no G2, FNC or C9 players will be making an appearance. Instead we’ll look at the teams flirting with playoffs and making more appearances in the ‘Free Agents’ bin. Without further ado, let’s get stuck in!

TOP – Solo (FLY, vs TSM & DIG this week) 

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Holding the Top lane position this week is Flyquest’s Solo. While many people were confused as to why Flyquest opted to offload V1per to play Solo full-time, but few can debate how dependable this veteran player is. Solo posted an overall K/D/A of 6/8/10 this week; while this may seem average, don’t forget one of these games was against Cloud9, who are expected to run away with the title again this split.

Solo’s champion pool mainly consists of Sett, Aatrox, Gangplank and Ornn, all of which are excellent picks in the current meta. Solo is happy to play the vital front line needed to enable PowerOfEvil and WildTurtle’s carrying potential, and while his overall K/D/A is rarely standout, his awareness of Top lane matchups and calm head means he is almost never the sole reason Flyquest lose games, even when getting camped.

This week Flyquest face off against TSM and Dignitas, which could give Solo a chance to score some good points. While Broken Blade is going to be a tough match up for him, it is likely that Solo will soak up the pressure exerted by one of the league’s most aggressive top laners, and this will only improve when Spica comes top, allowing for a lot of positive pressure to go towards Flyquest’s main carries. Solo can be expected to have a good match when against V1per on Sunday; the current meta of juggernaut Top laners doesn’t seem to sit well with Dignitas’ Top laner, meaning Solo can make the most of this matchup against an off-colour Dignitas.

JUNGLE – Inspired (RGE, vs VIT & G2 this week)

Photo courtesy of Michal Konkol

Filling out the Jungle spot for this week is Inspired. It was tough to choose which of Rogue’s players to put in, and even harder to choose between Inspired and Larssen. While they both had spectacular K/D/As from last week, Inspired edged himself forward due to his impeccable objective control; over Rogue’s 3 matches, Inspired secured 10 Dragons, 2 Heralds and 4 Barons. A mark of a good Jungler isn’t just what he does during the gank; it’s what he does after the gank too, and Inspired certainly made his mark on the Jungle’s ecosystem.

Rogue finished their week 3-0, with wins over Excel, Misfits and Schalke 04. While Excel and Schalke 04 were not expected to be much resistance to Rogue, it was surprising to see them play as well as they did against Misfits, with our featured Jungler making life miserable for Spring 2020’s Rookie of the Split, Razork.

This week the undefeated Rogue face off against Vitality and G2. While a match against G2 would normally be a defeat in less than 30 minutes, the Worlds finalists have not entered the Summer Split with anywhere near the same zeal and skill disparity as before. Inspired’s opponent Jankos dropped an absolute stinker of a game versus OG last week, as did the whole of G2 against Vitality, and this may be a chance for Inspired to notch a win against his fellow countryman. Nobody other than Vitality know enough about Nji to predict with more than 50% accuracy, but he and Vitality look the business. He does seem prone to the occasional overstep however, so expect Inspired to punish any mistakes Nji makes.

MID Milica (VIT, vs RGE & MAD this week)

Photo courtesy of LVP

Welcome to the LEC, Milica.

After months of visa issues, Milica has finally been allowed to play in the LEC. And apart from a tough match versus Fnatic, he’s looked to have been worth the wait. Milica finished this week with a total K/D/A of 9/4/12, notching wins against Schalke 04 and, surprisingly, G2, where Vitality absolutely dismantled Europe’s top team.

Milica thrives on control mages such as Azir and Orianna, which are very strong in the meta right now. He has also shown his prowess on Jayce, which he used to hammer G2 into dust.  From what we have seen of Milica, he is happy to play whatever the team needs, and enable Comp to free-fire at the enemy team.

This week won’t be a walk in the park for Milica, as he is facing off against Rogue’s midlaner Larssen, and MAD Lions’ Humanoid; both strong mid laners in their own right. However, nobody was expecting Vitality to even stand a chance against G2. Stranger things have happened. If you’re in need of a final spot filler, Milica could be set for a big week.

ADC – Crownshot (SK, vs MSF & XL this week)

Photo courtesy of SK Gaming

New SK, who dis?

SK Gaming looked like a completely different team last week than they did for the whole of Spring 2020. While their win versus Schalke would not be completely unexpected, what was more shocking was their victory over Origen, who are tipped by many to claim one of EU’s Worlds spots. Unfortunately, SK missed out on the chance to go 3-0 in the EU ‘Super Week’, falling to MAD Lions on Sunday. However, Crownshot finished the week with an overall K/D/A of 9/6/12, picking up 42.97 points as a result.

This week SK have a decent set of matchups. While the match vs MSF could cause problems for SK, they finished 1-2 in the last week, and definitely haven’t looked as hot as their roster should, and may take a couple more weeks to completely find their groove. Excel should be a relatively easy match for Crownshot & Friends; his lane opponent Patrik looked less than impressive last week, as did the rest of Excel, and the team still lacks a proper ‘hyper-carry’. Expect Crownshot to pad his stats in this one.

SUPPORT – CoreJJ (TL, vs 100 & EG this week)

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Let’s face it; TL had an awful split in Spring, and they saw their stock drop massively amongst Fantasy players. CoreJJ would have been one of the players wrapped up in the first 3 rounds of drafting in Spring, but come Summer and he was definitely a less valuable pickup. However, anyone saying the S8 Worlds champion Support is washed up is trolling.

While TL didn’t cover themselves in glory in Spring, CoreJJ had far from an awful split, and in Summer so far, he has looked to be back to the CoreJJ that fans love and enemies loathe. In matches versus TSM and GGS, CoreJJ posted an overall K/D/A of 1/2/23, with him and the whole of TL sending a message to ex-ADC Doublelift; we’re doing fine without you.

This week TL face off against 100 Thieves and Evil Geniuses. Both TL and Evil Geniuses will enter Week 2 with a 2-0 record, so this will be a very interesting match to watch. A matchup against 3-time Worlds winner Bang is not to be understated; TL will have their work cut out for them. However, so far it seems EG play with a lot of pressure towards Jiizuke in the Mid lane, meaning if Jensen can hold his own against the Italian Stallion, TL can focus a lot of positive pressure towards keeping Bang and Zeyzal out of the game. 100 Thieves definitely don’t look as strong as they could; they had a strong game against TSM, but couldn’t see it out, and their mistakes in team fights seem to doom them, which is where CoreJJ thrives. I can see quite a few points for him in this one.

TEAM- TSM (vs IMT & FLY this week)

The TSM curse of not being able to hold onto their jungler for any worthwhile length of time has struck once again, with Dardoch parting ways with the team after just one split. With Academy jungler Spica filling the void (for now), it will be interesting to see what this team can achieve, especially with Doublelift back on the team.

Last week IMT were super cold one day, then red-hot the next. A poor showing versus Doublelift’s old team TL was followed up by an impressive showing, albeit against Dignitas, leaving them with 26.50 points for the week. This week TSM face off against Immortals and Flyquest- while a match against the Spring finalists may be tough for Bjergsen & Co., any losses of points in this match can be expected to be recouped, and then some, against Immortals, who look to have already been resigned to a 10th place finish.

UTILITY – Stixxay (CLG, vs GG & DIG this week)

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Spring 2020 was rough for Stixxay, and CLG as a whole. They finished rock bottom of the LCS, and for the last week of the regular season Wind was subbed in from Academy to replace Stixxay. However, while CLG are hardly back to being a top team, there are signs of life from NA’s old giant again.

Stixxay finished last week with an overall K/D/A of 7/1/6, netting anyone who owned him a respectable 42.98 points as a result. While CLG’s first match against Evil Geniuses was… unfortunate, to say the least, their stomp of Immortals on Sunday showed that there is still quality in this roster, and Stixxay took centre stage.

Will CLG be challenging for Worlds spots? No chance. They should still consider it a successful split if they scrape into playoffs. However, last week has shown that CLG could be the LCS’ flat track bullies and take some good points away from the lower ranked teams; perhaps even stealing a game or two from playoff contenders. This week CLG face off against Golden Guardians and Dignitas- while both have good ADCs in their own right, they still have a ways to go as a team to be real contenders, and I expect Stixxay will flex his experience over FBI and Johnsun.