Fantasy LoL: LEC/LCS Players to Watch – Week 7

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Now, I’m sure you remember that at the start of this series, I said the top teams would be off-limits, more specifically C9, G2 and Fnatic. However, due to some unexpected, but welcome, changes to standings and overall form, I think it’s best we amend these!

The new ‘banned’ teams for EU are MAD Lions and Rogue. Both G2 and Fnatic are in big slumps, and their players’ values have suffered as a result. On the other hand, both MAD and RGE are tied for first, and stock in their players is more valuable than ever. It’s more likely you’ll be finding a G2 or FNC player in the Free Agents bin at the moment than a MAD or RGE player, so going forward these teams will be EU’s Players to Watch banned teams.

Despite a couple of nervy results, C9 are still the out and out favourites to win this split, but they’ve found some stiff competition in a revitalised Team Liquid, who tie them for first. Therefore, going forward, TL players will no longer be featuring in Players to Watch, as it’s unlikely you’ll be picking up Jensen or Tactical as a free agent anytime soon.

Now we’ve got through that, let’s have a look at how we did last week!

TOP: Jenax – 75.22 points

JUNGLE: Closer – 44.44 points

MID: Pobelter – 37.32 points

ADC: Kobbe – 37.10 points

SUPPORT: Treatz – 14.44 points

UTILITY: Hans Sama – 45.32 points

TEAM: MAD Lions – 42.00 points

Agonisingly close to that magical 30 points on everyone! I mentioned Treatz was a bit of a risky pick, despite the stats backing him up, but unfortunately, he didn’t have the greatest week. However, I think we can overlook that poor points total thanks to Jenax, who was a man possessed last week, getting 75.22 points!

Without further ado, let’s get stuck into this week’s picks!

TOP: Wunder (G2, vs S04 & RGE this week)

Photo courtesy of Michal Konkol

It feels odd to have a G2 player in here. They’re a team that has been on top for so long, and frankly I’d be surprised if your league hadn’t drafted all the G2 players by the second round of picks. But they’ve been slumping massively lately, and are on a 3-game loss streak right now; not the kind of form you want if you’re planning on challenging for the Summoner’s Cup again this year. However, I have all faith that G2 will turn it around this week, and I feel Wunder will be an integral part of controlling the early game and allowing Caps & Perkz to do what they do best.

Wunder is a player that thrives in the early game; he is just as happy to be the focal point of attention from Jankos and roams from Caps as he is to play safe and farm near his tower, allowing Caps and Perkz to receive attention to get them ahead. With champions that often come out on top in one-on-one duels like Wukong and Mordekaiser being very good picks right now as well as his usual picks of Ornn and Aatrox, the stage is set for Wunder to reclaim his Top lane crown.

Last week Wunder posted a frankly disappointing 20.38 points in games against MAD Lions and Origen. Both are good teams right now, and considering the form of MAD, as well as the recent results for Origen, it’s not completely surprising. However, this week Wunder will be facing off against Schalke 04’s Odoamne and Rogue’s Finn; both of which are winnable matchups. G2 managed to beat Rogue earlier in the season, and Wunder’s performance on Kayle was an important part in their win. While Schalke recently picked up their first win of the season against Fnatic, I still don’t believe they could hold a candle to any other team in the league 99% of the time. I can foresee Rogue being a tough match, but Wunder’s veteran status should see him come out on top, and he should easily come out of lane looking better than Odoamne.

JUNGLE: Contractz (100T, vs CLG & GG this week)

Photo courtesy of Travis Gafford

After grinding away in Academy, Contractz has worked his way back into a main LCS roster, and his performances have so far been living up to the hype. After a fairly lackluster game against GG on the 4th of July, Contractz proceeded to post 3 incredible games against Dignitas, Flyquest and Cloud9, where he didn’t see his K/D/A drop below 12.00. So far, Contractzis justifying being given a spot back in the big time, and his carry-centric style of play might be just what 100 Thieves need to make them a late challenger for a Worlds spot.

Last week, Contractz posted a total K/D/A of 7/7/6 in matches against TSM and Team Liquid, earning him a respectable 34.28 points. However, I have a good feeling that in his games against CLG and Golden Guardians this week, Contractz will fire on all cylinders. It’s a battle of young talent in both matches, and the matchup against Closer may be slightly difficult for him, due to their similar champion pools and playstyles. This one will essentially be a skill matchup, but I can see Contractz coming out on top against Wiggily- Wiggily’s more defensive playstyle will allow the 100 Thieves Jungler to have the freedom to do whatever he sees fit, and likely snowball the game as a result.

MID: Febiven (MSF, vs RGE & S04 this week)

Photo courtesy of Michal Konkol

EU mids are back again!

After spending the past year in NA, playing for Clutch Gaming (now Dignitas), Febiven made his return to EU, and it’s not exactly been the triumphant return that ‘The Man Who Solokilled Faker’ was expecting. Misfits finished 5th overall in Spring, and exited the playoffs at the quarter final stage with a loss to Rogue. And while this split so far hasn’t exactly been peak Febiven, hje’s on the right track to getting back on top.

Last week Misfits finished 0-2 in matches against Fnatic and Origen, but Febiven still did alright for himself. He finished the week with a total K/D/A of 5/4/7, earning 38.64 points as a result, and I reckon this week he’ll come out with an equally decent, if not better, points tally.

This week Febiven will be squaring up to Rogue’s Larssen and Schalke 04’s Abbedagge. Both are good mid laners, but with vastly different career trajectories right now. The match against Rogue will be tough, there’s no disputing that. Rogue are going through a purple patch as a team right now, and it should be a relatively safe bet that it’ll be Misfits’ Nexus exploding on Friday. However, we can’t fully write off Misfits; they’ve shown they can take games off the top teams, as evidenced by their triumph over MAD Lions just before the LEC break. And as for Schalke, I’ve already said a lot about them. However, Abbedagge is far from a bad player; he just has some inconsistencies in his game and occasionally makes some poor decisions, the sort you would expect from such a young player who has had the team’s hopes heaped upon him. However, I am fully of the belief that Febiven’s experience will reign supreme here, along with probably some very nice kill numbers.

ADC: Comp (VIT, vs OG & XL this week)

Photo courtesy of Michal Konkol

Step aside FORGIVEN, there’s a new Greek ADC in town.

As much as I think Milica is a great player, I have to say Comp is a huge reason why Vitality are looking a lot better than they were at the start of the year. It’s hard to believe this is the same Comp that finished 10th place in Spring. His consistency and penchant for being in the right place at the right time lately has worked wonders for Vitality, and now sees them sit in a very respectable 

Despite Vitality ending up going 0-2 last week in games against Fnatic and SK, Comp did himself no disservice in those games- a final weekly K/D/A of 9/10/9 saw him finish the week with 49.40 points. What’s more, Comp’s form in the bot lane demands respect; his lowest scoring week still saw him pick up a respectable 36.18 points. Even on duff weeks, Comp is a solid choice for your ADC role.

This week, Comp and the rest of Vitality will be duking it out against Origen and Excel. Both will be interesting matches to watch; Origen seem to have found some good form as of late, and a battle with Upset, the ‘greatest ADC to never make Worlds’, should not be understated. However, I have a good feeling Vitality could pull off an upset against Upset here. Excel are still suffering from the same problems I mentioned earlier in the split; they lack a true hyper-carry, and with all 3 lanes requiring some sort of jungle input, they’re stretched thin. I can see Comp racking up some good points here against Patrik and Tore.

SUPPORT: Zeyzal (EG, vs IMT & DIG this week)

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Okay, this could be a risky one, but bear with me.

Zeyzal is very a player where if EG are doing well, he posts some great numbers. If they’re doing poorly, he’ll post K/D/As to forget. His consistency is tied to the team; such is the curse of the Support.

EG have made a fair amount of roster changes recently. They’ve finally decided to make use of ‘$2.3m player’ Huni since signing him from Dignitas in the off-season, and as a result they had to free up a slot for a non-import; it was due to this that the Swole Bros, Svenskeren and Goldenglue, were reunited. A lot of questions were asked, and after a loss to TL, they were asked even more vocally. However, the team followed this up with a barnstomer of a match against Cloud9, which then saw Goldenglue be named as starting Mid for the rest of the split. Zeyzal ended last week with a very respectable 33.58 points, which is what caught my eye. 

I have every faith that EG will continue the form they started thanks to their win against C9 this week, and provided they don’t completely drop the ball, I can foresee a 2-0 week and some very nice points for Zeyzal. IMT are improving every week and DIG have found some form as of late, but it’s a struggle to see them both pulling off wins against EG. If you’re in need of a Support this week, Zeyzal could be a decent pickup.

UTILITY: Bjergsen (TSM, vs DIG & CLG this week)

Photo courtesy of Michal Konkol

It’s unlikely Bjergsen will be in the Free Agents bin in your league, but if he is, snap him up as soon as humanly possible.

TSM have had a real resurgence this split; from finishing 5th in Spring and bombing out of playoffs in the semifinals, they’ve come a long way, and are currently sitting in 3rd, and are just a couple of favourable matches away from challenging for top 2. As much as Doublelift has been stamping his authority on the bottom lane as of late, it’s pretty easy to see there’s a big mid difference in play as well.

Last week, ‘Bjerger King’ posted up an overall K/D/A of 3/1/4, earning 29.42 points. This was a pretty quiet week for him, especially considering earlier this split he posted 81 and 71 points in total. However, this week’s matches lend themselves perfectly to a kill-centric lane for Bjergsen; his matchups against DIG’s Froggen and CLG’s Pobelter will be very interesting affairs. I foresee a pretty cut and dry win for TSM against DIG, but their match against CLG could be closer to the wire. However, there’s still a big rivalry between the two teams, and I imagine Bjergsenwill bring his A-game against CLG. Win or lose, it’ll be bloody.

TEAM: Evil Geniuses (vs IMT & DIG this week)

Photo courtesy of Evil Geniuses

If there ever was a time to get a good run of form going, it’s in the final couple of weeks before playoffs, after beating Cloud9. And I have every faith they’ll get some good points this week.

EG are a team that love an objective, and when picking a team for your slot, that’s all you ask for. They’re a very neutral objective-focused team; as soon as they get a slight advantage in mid or bot, they’re off on a journey to the Dragon pit. As soon as there’s a top gap, they look to pay a visit to Shelly. Svenskeren loves an objective, and it benefits the whole team; but most of all, it benefits the EG team owners.

Last week EG posted 10 turret kills, 5 Dragons and 1 Baron, notching up 19.50 points as a result. Fairly low for their average, but their stock has dropped recently due to a loss streak that saw them hardly in control of the neutral objectives. Many people will have dropped EG in favour of a team that’s on a hot streak right now, so now’s your chance to get ahead of the curve and snatch that team space up before they start winning again. And let’s face it; with matches this week against IMT and DIG, wins are pretty likely.

Well, that about wraps up this week’s Players to Watch! Am I 200IQing it, or completely inting? We’ll soon find out, eh! In the meantime, stay tuned to Draftbuff, and we’ll see you all next week!