Fantasy Leagues: Overwatch 101

If you’re new to DraftBuff or fantasy overwatch, have no fear! We’re here to help and we’re detailing everything you need to know so you’ll be an expert for draft day.

We break down this intro lesson into the following categories:

  1. Overwatch 101
  2. Positions
  3. Points System
  4. Weekly Heads up
  5. Playoffs
  6. Trades
  7. Free Agents and Waivers

Overwatch 101

If you’ve never played Overwatch or you haven’t passed Bronze rank, you might want to read this section. If you’re a grandmaster, you should skip on down to the next section.

Overwatch is a first person shooter where two teams of six face off each other in a few different game modes (Assault, Escort, Control, and Hybrid). While each game mode have their differences, the objective is still pretty much the same: control a hill (either moving, i.e. Escort, or stationary, i.e. Assault or Control) until you win. All game modes are respawn.

A core component to Overwatch is the heroes selection. Each player plays as a hero that has special abilities. When you die, you can switch to a different hero. We detail the different types of heroes more in Positions.

An Overwatch regular season match consists of four games/maps, regardless of outcome. This is because your record for the games impacts your playoff standings. You can read more about the league format here.


As we mentioned above, there are six players on a team. Your six players aren’t all doing the same thing though. Metas change frequently (BYE GOATS) but players are categorized into three positions: DPS, Tank, and Support.

DPS – Also known as Offense or Damage. These players are playing aggressive heroes with the objective to secure as many kills as possible.
Tank – A tank’s responsibility is to be a sponge of damage. They’re leading the charge and are heavily fortified.
Support – A support’s responsibility is to support their team by healing them, boosting their damage, and providing vital utility.

Default fantasy team rosters consist of 2 DPS, 2 Tank, and 2 Support. You additionally get 3 bench players for a total roster size of 9 players.

Points System

We track four key statistics for Overwatch: Kills, Deaths, Damage and Healing. If it’s not obvious, not all roles/positions are equal here. Your DPS is going to have a lot more kills and deaths than your Support and your Support is going to have a lot more healing. This is the fun part and it’s your job to figure out which one is most important and who is securing your first pick!

Below is our default fantasy scoring system for Overwatch. Commissioners can modify it as they wish but this is our default:

Weekly Heads Up

Similar to fantasy football, your league will consist of weekly heads up matches. Let’s say we have a league with 6 people. Each week, you will play one of your 5 opponents. You’ll choose your starting 6 roster and earn fantasy points based on how they did. If your total fantasy score is higher than your opponent, you get the W and your opponent the L. This gets added to your record (now you’re 1-0). You’ll play weekly heads up for the season and top records will advance to the playoffs.


Top 4 fantasy teams will make it to playoffs in a single elimination 4 team bracket. Standings are first determined by wins and losses. Ties will be determined in the following order:
Head to head record
Total fantasy score
Coin Toss


Picked poorly during your draft and you somehow have 4 good Tanks but no good Supports? No problem! Make a trade request to one of your league mates and they can accept or reject it.

Free Agents and Waivers

Read more about waivers here.

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