Fantasy for LoL Worlds 2020!

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Worlds 2020 is here. And it’s already been a banger (#TLWin). From Tactical upholding NA, to PSG showing up big with a substitute roster, to MAD Lions unfortunately being the SAD Lions, the story lines thus far have been amazing.

And we’ve only begun our fantasy coverage for Worlds thus far. Even though play-ins have just concluded, thousands of you have created Salary Leagues and tried out our newly released Buffs to see who can create the ultimate fantasy roster. 

But many people have been asking us, what about traditional leagues? Having a snake draft with your friends similar to Spring/Summer would be awesome with the best players in the world to pick from. The thrill of picking Knight 1st overall or getting a mid round steal in Bdd is too fun to pass up. 

The problem lies in the format – since teams get eliminated over time at Worlds, the roster that you draft during groups is unlikely to be the roster that you’ll be able to play at the end. Since only 4 teams play in the last week of worlds, it makes it impossible to field a full roster in a league with 6-8 teams.

We’ve spent some time brainstorming different solutions, and after much deliberation, we’d love to present our version of Worlds Traditional Leagues – introducing The Purge!

Here’s how it works:

  • Before groups, you’ll go through a snake style draft with your friends, similar to Spring or Summer split
  • After that, you’ll have 2 matchups in group stages:
    • Group Stage 1: October 3rd – October 6th
    • Group Stage 2: October 8th – October 11th
  • After group stages are complete, we have our main difference from traditional leagues during the split: The Purge!
  • The Purge consists of all teams losing their benches for the remainder of worlds. All players that are on your bench after Groups will be released to Waivers. Any players that are in your starting lineup will remain
  • This means that going into Quarterfinals, all teams will have the option of filling out their rosters with players that are actually going to play
  • After Quarterfinals, the best two teams will go into the fantasy championship, during the Semifinals and Finals
  • Finally, before the Semi/Finals, another purge will happen, this time for the FULL roster of all teams (starters and bench) except the top 2 (ones fighting for the championship)
  • After The Purge, players will be put on waivers for Wednesday, unless waivers are disabled in your leagues. Bench slots will also be set to 0, so you can’t just re-sign all the players who are actually playing again.

We hope that this scratches your itch for a snake style draft during worlds, as well as provides a solution to handle the format of reducing teams. GLHF, and make sure to check out our other formats as well!