Fantasy Leagues: Call of Duty 101

If you’re new to DraftBuff or fantasy call of duty, have no fear! We’re here to help and we’re detailing everything you need to know so you’ll be an expert for draft day.

We break down this intro lesson into the following categories:

  1. Call of Duty 101
  2. Positions
  3. Points System
  4. Weekly Heads up
  5. Playoffs
  6. Trades
  7. Free Agents and Waivers

Call of Duty 101

If you’ve never played Call of Duty or you’re a complete burger, you might want to read this section. If you’re a master prestige (RIP…), you should skip on down to the next section.

Call of Duty is a first person shooter where two teams of five face off each other in three different game modes:
Hardpoint (abbreviated HP), Search & Destroy (abbreviated SND), and Domination (abbreviated DOM) [note: for the current game Modern Warfare. Subject to change].

Call of Duty matches are best of 5 and go in the following order: HP, SND, DOM, HP, SND. That means if a team 3-0’s, they don’t play a 4th or 5th match (makes things trickier when it comes to fantasy).

Hardpoint is a respawn game mode similar to king of the hill. Enter the hill uncontested and your team will start accruing hill time. First team to 250 seconds of hill time wins. Respawn means that when you die, you’ll respawn so you’ll have an infinite amount of lives. What’s unique about hardpoint is that there is only one hill and it rotates on a fixed order.
In HP, statistics we keep track of are kills, deaths, and HP hill time.

Search and Destroy is a round based game mode similar to CS:GO. The objective is to destroy one of two objectives (usually named A and B) on the map using a single bomb, or to kill all enemy players. The first team to either destroy one of the objectives or kill all enemy players within the time limit will win the round and score a point. Best of 11 rounds wins. Unlike HP, this is not a respawn game mode which means that within a round, each person only has one life.
In SND, statistics we keep track of are kills and deaths.

Domination is a respawn game mode actually more similar to king of the hill than hardpoint. Domination differs from HP by having three fixed hills (usually named A, B, and C) for the entire game. First team to 200 seconds of hill time or before time runs out wins. This means that in order to win, your team roughly needs to control two hills for more time than the opposing team controls two hills.
In DOM, statistics we keep track of are kills, deaths, and captures.


As we mentioned above, there are five players on a team. Your five players aren’t all doing the same thing though. Metas change frequently but we can categorize players into three positions: AR, SMG, and FLEX, and then our own defined utility spot, UTIL:

SMG – Submachine guns are guns that have a high rate of fire and are best in close quarters. Sub players are going to be more agile and more aggressive.
AR – ARs are guns that are more accurate with lower rates of fire. AR players are going to play further back, as opposed to sub players and generally play the objective (OBJ) more.
FLEX – You can think of a Flex player as a mid in soccer (football for our European readers). At current time of writing, there isn’t a flex gun like there was in previous titles which means that flex players are using the same AR/SMG that the above players are using. However, they’re going to swapping between an AR and an SMG depending on the map.
UTIL – This utility spot is our own introduction. All players can be filled into the utility slot.

Default fantasy team rosters consist of 1 SMG, 1 AR, 1 FLEX, and 2 UTIL players. You additionally get 2 bench players for a total roster size of 7 players.

Points System

As mentioned above, COD series are best of 5 which means that players are playing a variable amount of games. This makes it tricky when it comes to creating a robust, scoring system. A team that wins 3-0 is objectively the better team, but has played 2 less games than a close match up that goes 3-2. Similarly, a team that wins an SND game 6-0 is going to have less kills than if they won 6-5 and same goes for a HP that goes 250-0 as compared to a 250-249 match. Further, we have 3 game modes to consider and want them all to be roughly equally balanced.
Because of these caveats, at DraftBuff, we normalize the player’s statistics. For SND, rather than raw kills and deaths, we award fantasy points based on KPR (kills per round) and DPR (deaths per round). For HP and DOM, we normalize by games played.
In a given week, players will play many series and we thus normalize across the entire week.

With that, below is our default fantasy scoring system for Modern Warfare. Commissioners can modify it as they wish but this is our default:

Weekly Heads Up

Similar to fantasy football, your league will consist of weekly heads up matches. Let’s say we have a league with 6 people. Each week, you will play one of your 5 opponents. You’ll choose your starting 5 roster and earn fantasy points based on how they did. If your total fantasy score is higher than your opponent, you get the W and your opponent the L. This gets added to your record (now you’re 1-0). You’ll play weekly heads up for the season and top records will advance to the playoffs.


Top 4 fantasy teams will make it to playoffs in a single elimination 4 team bracket. Standings are first determined by wins and losses. Ties will be determined in the following order:
Head to head record
Total fantasy score
Coin Toss


Picked poorly during your draft and you somehow have 4 good ARs but no good SMGs? No problem! Make a trade request to one of your league mates and she can accept or reject it.

Free Agents and Waivers

Read more about waivers here.

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