Fantasy League of Legends: DraftBuff’s Update for the Summer Split

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Now that we have one split under our belt, we have some awesome additions to our fantasy scoring that we wanted to share with you.

New Scoring Options

We’re excited to announce some new ways to score points for Summer Split! We heard your feedback loud and clear – League is a complex game that can’t just be reduced to K/D/A and CS. There are many statistics that affect how a player performs in a match, and we want our fantasy system to reflect that.

At the same time, we want to make sure that scoring options are balanced, fun, and fair. So we’ve settled on a list of metrics that we think will enhance the viewing experience. We think capturing the most exciting moments in a competitive match makes fantasy that much more fun – for example, when a player goes off for a triple kill or nets their first kill.

Finally, we know that in addition to players, the teams in the LCS and LEC have their own personalities and story lines. We’re excited to offer a Team Slot this season as well – capturing how well each team performs week to week and adding a new element of strategy to your match ups.

Individual Player Slot

The default player scoring goes as follows:

  • Kills: 3 pts
  • Deaths: -1 pt
  • Assists: 2 pts
  • Creep Score: 0.02 pts

Summer Split Additions:

  • First blood bonus: 2 pts
  • Triple Kill: 2 pts
  • Quadra Kill: 4 pts
  • Penta Kill: 7 pts

Team Slot

Similar to a defense in fantasy football, you now have the ability to draft and pick up a pro team for your fantasy team. The default team scoring goes as follows:

  • Towers: 1 pt
  • Barons: 2 pts
  • Dragons: 1.5 pts
  • Elder drake bonus: 2 pts
  • First turret bonus: 2 pts
  • Win in < 30 minutes bonus: 3 pts

Why play fantasy League of Legends on DraftBuff?

The DraftBuff team are gamers and passionate esports fans. There’s a beauty to esports that only fans understand. It’s not just the live matches; it’s the players scrimming on Twitch, it’s the drama, and the stories.

We’ve learned so much from running fantasy during spring split and we’re excited to take our platform to the next level and provide an even better experience for you.

Here are some reasons to play on DraftBuff:

  • LCS + LEC
  • LCK
  • DraftPass
  • Draft Royales

We’re the only fantasy provider that supports a season long league for LCS + LEC. This is actually something we didn’t support at first launch but added based on feedback and became our most popular fantasy format. It’s clear that LCS + LEC is a fantastic fantasy season option, so if you prefer this format, we’re your app!

We also decided to fully support the LCK from the Summer Split! You can read more about that here!

DraftPass is our new fantasy battle pass where you can level up by doing various activities in our app and earn in-app prizes. We’ll continue to expand and add new ways to customize your avatar and earn special taunts/emotes to use on your friends.

Looking to do a fantasy tournament with your friends or favorite influencer? Join one of our Draft Royales for a fun weekend long fantasy tournament. Draft Royales are quick, salary style fantasy contests that pit 100’s of players against each other over the course of a weekend.

We believe our fantasy scoring options provide the most fair and best fantasy experience. With the addition of a team slot, multikills, and bonuses, we think playing fantasy will be the most exciting its ever been. As always, if you have any feedback or questions, let us know in our Discord!