LoL Fantasy Individual Power Rankings: LCS/LEC Week 4

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A Quick Summary

Covering the basics

The What: Check out the previous article for a breakdown of the specifics, but the abridged version as follows: This list ranks players by the difference between their projected points per game and the average points per game at their position. This allows players to be directly compared to players in other positions, and allows for a complete 1-100 power ranking! The only difference this time is we have twice as many summer games played, meaning we’re no longer using hybrid stats and are using summer stats exclusively! I’ll continue to provide my power rankings so that it’s clear how they’re impacting the rankings.


Give me a Quest

A fair warning, this is where the worlds of fantasy and reality start to divulge a little bit. I’m going to need you all to acknowledge that fact, understand it, and avoid flaming me for just a couple of minutes while I explain why Flyquest has the number one player in four positions. The Flyquest players’ crazy high rankings, despite only being the number two team in NA, are the result of two numbers, and they’re the only two numbers that matter in fantasy.

The first is their Points Per Win, where Mash, Santorin, and PowerOfEvil are comfortably in the top fifteen for players in either league. The other, more surprisingly, is their Points Per Loss, which are incredibly high across the three games that they’ve lost, rivaling the PPW of some teams. POE, Santorin, Mash, and Solo represent the top 4 in PPL in either league, and it’s enough to make them top picks in their positions, even when they can’t promise a win every game. Flyquest even put up respectable points against Cloud9, who usually hold opponents to less points than any team in either league. There’s only one feeling that’s better than running a C9 player and being confident that they’re going to go 2-0, and that’s running a Flyquest player and not particularly caring if they win OR lose.

Breaking my own rules already

Those with keener eyesight may have noticed that the tier breaks in top lane are thinner than those in other positions. The reason for that is, well, they aren’t real. They’re close to real! But they aren’t actually tier breaks, they’re slightly less than double the average difference between two players (2.30). Still, with Wunder 2.19 projected PPG above Alphari, and Alphari 2.12 points above Finn, these can effectively be treated as different tiers.

With this in mind, we can see that every role has a clear top 3-5, with the rest of the players in the position not representing a significant jump from the players above and below them. This, combined with the large ties in both regions making any power ranking questionable, makes it more important than ever to prioritize players that have the potential to have stand out performances.

Please, anything but my power rankings

I struggled for a long time with ranking the top three in LEC, and I’m pretty satisfied with how I’ve ended up ordering them. What I didn’t realize at the time was that it would only get harder from there. With a five way tie for fifth and Misfits and G2 only one game ahead, ranking these teams is incredibly difficult. I firmly believe that G2 deserves the benefit of the doubt from having won 3 splits in a row, but fourth through ninth is completely up in the air. I’ve ordered them as best I can, but, in the interest of keeping things useful even if we disagree, I’d like to highlight some important numbers to facilitate an objective conversation about these teams and players.

Excel, Origin, and Vitality players have the highest PPW averages of the middle-of-the-pack teams, making them good bench players to bring in during weeks where you feel they have advantageous matchups. The highest PPL teams are SK, Origen, and Vitality, making their players valuable role players on teams that may have been cut off from top talent in a certain position. The presence of Origen and Vitality in both of these areas bodes well for them being flat out good fantasy teams, whose players should be valued slightly higher than the rest of this pack regardless of your personal power rankings.  The top players on each of these teams: Upset, Razork, Selfmade, ZaZee, and Cabochard should all be considered strong speculative picks even if their teams’ positions in the standings are unclear.

The data compiled to create these rankings is available here. Thank you, as always, to Tim at Oracleselixer for supplying the data necessary to make this happen.

That’s all I’ve got this time, we’ll be back for week six where NA will go from being one game behind EU to being one game ahead, and I will continue to be unreasonably upset by this. If you have any questions or feedback, hit me up on Twitter at @LoL_G0RDO.