Fantasy Esports for 2020 is a Wrap: Here’s to the 2021 Season!

About a year ago today, we released the DraftBuff app to the public in preparation for the inaugural Call of Duty League season, the Overwatch League‘s continuation, and the 2020 LoL Spring Split. As avid esports fans, we felt there was something missing from the fan experience: nothing to do once the broadcast ended, nothing to do with your friends, nowhere to show you know more about the scene than everyone else. Our mission from the get-go has always been to make esports more fun and social in a free way. Taking parallels from the sports world, we took a leap of faith that fantasy leagues would be that solution in the esports world.

A year later and the DraftBuff app has been downloaded more than 100K times across 170 countries. Collectively, 25 years (on our way to 200 years, LoL fans will get this one only, sorry) has been spent on our app this year alone. That leap of faith most definitely has paid off so first off, on behalf of the entire DraftBuff team, THANK YOU to everyone who had fun playing DraftBuff this year. I’m glad you had fun this year and whether or not you know it, share our mission.

But now all tournaments and leagues concluded across LoL, CoD, OW, R6 and CS:GO, our 2020 esports season is over…but you can already create fantasy leagues for the 2021 season!

From a product standpoint, I wanted also to share what we worked on in 2020 and give you a glimpse of what to expect for in 2021.

What we did during 2020:

  • Fantasy Leagues (obviously!)
  • Draft Royales
  • Brackets & Pick ‘Ems
  • Salary Leagues
  • Full support for LoL, CDL, OWL, CS:GO, & R6
  • Waivers System
  • Chat
  • Mock Drafts and Box Scores on our website
  • More in-depth scoring options for LoL (First Bloods, Triple Kills, etc.)
  • Quests & DraftPass
  • Team slots
  • In-App Purchases & Cosmetic Items
  • Verified Users & Hype Trains
  • Influencer Landing Pages
  • Match threads with 🔥 and 🥱 reactions
  • Buffs & The Purge for Worlds
  • In-App box scores
  • Question of the Week
  • Lots of stability improvements
  • But… lots of bugs too =(

And what we just released (a few weeks ago, go check out):

  • Matchup Threads– discuss and ask questions to the community about any player or team!
  • Quick-Join – tired of joining inactive fantasy leagues? Well, this one is for you! Join a league with 5 other reasons and draft as soon as the league is full!
New additions in our homepage – Matchup Threads and Quick-Join!

So what’s next for DraftBuff?


One of our most requested features this year has been additional website functionality. It’s been on our list for a while but to be honest, with a dev team of 3, it’s quite a daunting task to add an additional platform to support. However now we have some time to fully work on our website functionality. Expect the first version to be released in the upcoming weeks!

I hope you are as excited as we are to play Fantasy in front of your PC!

Rethinking Draft Royales & Salary Leagues

Draft Royales are super fun but having to join a new one to play with your favorite influencer every week has definitely created a confusing app experience. We recently tested out Salary Leagues for LOL Worlds which is a sort of a seasonal Draft Royale. We’re looking at revamping both of these to introduce Draft Royales V2.

Stability & UX Improvements

We were going 1000 mph in 2020 and while we have no desire to slow down, some corners have definitely been cut. We want to ensure the full app experience is as seamless as possible. With 3 months of down time, we’ll be improving almost every aspect of the app from the league UX to drafting to ensure everyone has the most optimal experience.

Notification Center & Notifications V2

We want you to have full control of the notifications you want and don’t want. Once we give you the customization to control that, we want to experiment with more real time notifications such as breaking plays, major roster changes, etc.

And More, Much More…

Finally, we have a few more exciting things up our sleeves. You’ll just need to wait and find out!

Again, in the name of the entire DraftBuff team, a big big thank you for your support during this very tough year for everybody. Hoping to see you again very soon for the 2021 Season!