Fantasy CS:GO: Prepping for Draft Day

Draft day is upon us. If you haven’t read our Fantasy CS:GO 101 article, I recommend giving that a read as well. 

First Pick

Potentially your most important decision is who you are you going to select first pick. This of course is going to depend on your draft spot and the size of your draft. I can’t tell you who to pick but the cheat sheet below should give you a good hunch on what to capitalize on most. Stay tuned for another article from us where we recommend first picks. 


Alright, now that you got your heavy hitters: the fun part. Whose got potential to shine? Who are you willing to take a bet on? Who’s the next ZywOo? These are your middle draft pick rounds and can make or break your team.

Draft Cheat Sheet

Huge shoutout to our CS:GO Product Marketing Manager @Coolmark482 for helping us compile these rankings!

In our app, we have a detailed analysis and ranking for players but sometimes it helps to have an easy to digest graphic so feel free to download this cheat sheet and have it handy when you’re drafting. 

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