Fantasy Call of Duty – How do I stop sucking?

What is fantasy Call of Duty and how do I play it? This article breaks down the basics for you.

Call of Duty 101

If you’ve never played Call of Duty or you’re a complete burger, you might want to read this section. If you’re a master prestige, you should skip on down to the next section.

Call of Duty is a first person shooter where two teams of five face off each other in three different game modes:
Hardpoint (abbreviated HP), Search & Destroy (abbreviated SND), and Control (abbreviated CTRL).

Call of Duty matches are best of 5 and go in the following order: HP, SND, CTRL, HP, SND. That means if a team 3-0’s, they don’t play a 4th or 5th match (makes things trickier when it comes to fantasy).

Hardpoint is a respawn game mode similar to king of the hill. Enter the hill uncontested and your team will start accruing hill time. First team to 250 seconds wins.

Search and Destroy is a round based game mode similar to CS: GO. The objective is to destroy one of two objectives on the map using a single bomb, or to kill all enemy players. The first team to either destroy one of the objectives or kill all enemy players within the time limit will win the round and score a point. Best of 11 rounds wins.

Control is a round based respawn game mode with an attacking and defending side. Each team gets 25 lives per round. Once those lives are used up, you lose. Attackers need to either capture both objectives or burn through the defenses’ 25 lives to win. Defenders either take out enemy lives or simply run out the clock. First to three rounds wins.

Fantasy Call of Duty 101

Alright, you’ve been playing League Play all season. They call you ‘Two Thumb Tom’ for a reason. So let’s cut to the chase on what fantasy Call of Duty is.

To preface this, we detail DraftBuff’s default scoring system. However, anyone can create a custom tournament and change the scoring system. If you are unsure of the scoring system, hit the info button to pop up a modal that details the scoring system further.

First things first, you have to select your five player roster. For tournament we analyze below, we need to select 2 AR’s, 2 SUB’s, and 1 FLEX. We’ll detail the difference between the positions in a later post.

Each player is costed at a certain value based on their expected performance. You’re additionally given a salary cap to draft these five players. Let’s say you have $30; the average player price would need to be $6. If you see a top player for $9, that means you would need to select a second person for $3 to compensate for that.

Then, based on how your five players did in that event, you’ll earn fantasy points based on the scoring system below. An important thing here is we amortize the scores based on games/rounds played.

SND, for example, is calculated based on kills per round (KPR) KPR and deaths per round (DPR). So someone going 6-5 on 11 rounds in SND would have a KPR of 6/11. However, someone going 6-0 on 6 rounds would have a KPR of 6/6. We then take that and multiply it by the scoring multiplier. So a 1.0 KPR x 30 gives you 30 fantasy points.

draftbuff scoring system