DraftBuff’s LoL Power Rankings: Summer Week 1

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Note: The LCK has not started as of the publishing of this article. So we will not be including any South Korea teams in this first edition. Once the LCK start, we will begin including them.

Welcome to the first edition of our very own weekly Power Rankings! We are sure that you’re eager to find out what criteria we will use for it. Here’s a brief explanation although keep in mind we won’t go into full detail:

1. Current placement in standings – Simply put, this reflects what position the team is in their own local league. It doesn’t take into account anything else other than their current placement in the standings.

2. Projected trajectory – This criteria is determined by what is the expected trajectory of a team. For example, G2 had a rough Week 1 in the 2020 Summer Split. But we take into account the fact that G2 is a powerhouse and one of the two most dominant teams in LEC history. With that in mind we expect them to shape up and get better throughout the split.

3. Expectations vs Results – This is similar to the projected trajectory except it takes it and compares it to what the reality is right now. If a team is expected to shape up but is struggling at the moment, we take that into account. Think of this criteria as a hybrid between the first two criteria we listed above!

4. Weekly individual performance for the players – Last but not least, this criteria is determined by how well the players are performing individually on the team. Simple as that!

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Here are the rankings for Week 1 of the Summer Split:

1. TOP Esports – LPL – 2-0

2. LGD Gaming – LPL – 2-0

3. Rogue – LEC – 3-0

4. Fnatic – LEC – 3-0

5. Cloud9 – LCS – 2-0

6. Team WE – LPL – 2-1

7. Victory Five – LPL – 2-1

8. Royal Never Give Up – LPL – 2-1

9. LNG Esports – LPL – 2-1

10. FunPlus Phoenix – LPL – 1-1

11. JD Gaming – LPL – 1-1

12. G2 Esports – LEC – 1-2

13. MAD Lions – LEC – 2-1

14. SK Gaming – LEC – 2-1

15. Evil Geniuses – LCS – 2-0

16. Team Vitality – LEC – 2-1

17. Suning – LPL – 2-2

18. EDward Gaming – LPL – 1-1

19. Team Liquid – LCS – 2-0

20. Invictus Gaming – LPL – 1-1

There’s some things to note which are sure to puzzle some of you:

  • You may be thinking “Rogue in third place?!?!?”. You are right in thinking that but considering that our expectations for Rogue are not super high but not super low either, it is very impressive that they achieved a perfect 3-0 start to their split. Not to mention the fact that they were arguably the cleanest team from Week 1 when we consider Fnatic’s near loss to Misfits Gaming.
  • Another puzzling fact may be that G2 is a lot lower than a lot of you may have expected. Simply put this is because of the very weak opening to the LEC compared to the super high expectations we have for them. They should be lower in theory however because our projected trajectory for them is that they will get much better as the split goes on, we are comfortable with putting them at least somewhere in the middle.
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Now, to make things TRULY interesting, we also asked the DraftBuff community to vote on their own Top 20 list! If you want to participate in next week’s votes, make sure to join our Discord server because we are only sharing the link there! With no further ado, the community vote results are as follow:

1. TOP Esports – LPL – 2-0

2. FunPlus Phoenix – LPL – 1-1

3. JD Gaming – LPL – 1-1

4. Victory Five – LPL – 2-1

5. Invictus Gaming – LPL – 1-1

6. Royal Never Give Up – LPL – 2-1

7. LGD Gaming – LPL – 2-0

8. Team WE – LPL – 2-1

9. G2 Esports – LEC – 1-2

10. Fnatic – LEC – 3-0

11. LNG Esports – LPL – 2-1

12. Cloud9 – LCS – 2-0

13. Suning – LPL – 2-2

14. EDward Gaming – LPL – 1-1

15. Rogue – LEC – 3-0

16. MAD Lions – LEC – 2-1

17. SK Gaming – LEC – 2-1

18. Evil Geniuses – LCS – 2-0

19. Team Liquid – LCS – 2-0

20. Team Vitality – LEC – 2-1

What you think about these rankings? Do you agree more than the one we wrote? Funnily enough, the only two teams that had kept the same position were TOP Esports and Team Liquid!

That will bring a wrap to our rankings for this week! We hope you enjoy them and if you do not agree with something, please let us know, and again, be sure to vote in the community rankings to have your voice heard! If you think you can provide a better version of our rankings, we’d love to hear your opinion and suggestions! See you next week with the Week 2 rankings (with LCK included!), take care!