DraftBuff’s LoL Global Power Rankings – Summer Week 7

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Welcome to Week 7 of our Power Rankings! For this week’s edition, This week’s edition brings us a lot of small shifts for most teams, in either an upwards or downwards trajectory. As such, you might see changes in our core groups, although the teams in the rankings themselves remain mostly the same. As usual here is the criteria that we follow:

1. Current placement in standings – Simply put, this reflects what position the team is in their own local league. It doesn’t take into account anything else other than their current placement in the standings.

2. Projected trajectory – This criteria is determined by what is the expected trajectory of a team. For example, G2 had a rough Week 1 in the 2020 Summer Split. But we take into account the fact that G2 is a powerhouse and one of the two most dominant teams in LEC history. With that in mind we expect them to shape up and get better throughout the split.

3. Expectations vs Results – This is similar to the projected trajectory except it takes it and compares it to what the reality is right now. If a team is expected to shape up but is struggling at the moment, we take that into account. Think of this criteria as a hybrid between the first two criteria we listed above!

4. Weekly individual performance for the players – Last but not least, this criteria is determined by how well the players are performing individually on the team. Simple as that!

This week’s rankings are as follow:

1. DragonX (+1)

2. TOP Esports (-1)

3. JD Gaming 

4. DAMWON Gaming 

5. LGD Gaming (+1)

6. MAD Lions (+1)

7. Victory Five (-2)

8. Invictus Gaming (+6)

9. Team WE (-1)

10. Suning (+1)

11. Rogue (-1)

12. Gen.G (-3)

13. FunPlus Phoenix (+3)

14. Cloud9 (-2)

15. G2 Esports (+3)

16. T1 (-3)

17. Royal Never Give Up (-2)

18. Vici Gaming (+1)

19. Afreeca Freecs (+1)

20. Team Liquid (NEW)

Top 5

Photo courtesy of ONE Esports

Our #1 team for six weeks in a row has finally been dethroned! TOP Esports slides down to the #2 spot after suffering their second loss of the Summer Split to Invictus Gaming. Meanwhile in the wake of their loss DragonX has snatched the number one spot with their strong win against Gen.G and another solid win against an improving KT Rolster. Overall we still think in a direct match-up TES is likely to beat DragonX, however simply because of their results in the past week we have to give credit to DragonX and bump them to the number one spot. Right now they are the most consistent team in the world, but as is often the case in League of Legends that can change as early as next week!

The only other change to our Top 5 is that Victory Five has lost their spot to LGD Gaming. Despite only playing one series this week LGD snatches the spot by default after V5’s very disappointing week. We expect LGD to quite possibly lose their spot in the next week or two but for now they have made their way back to the Top 5!

Upper Half

The Upper Half for this week has a few interesting changes. The major one is that Invictus Gaming is finally on the road towards consistency and have found themselves in the upper echelon of our rankings for the first time this split! Let us be clear, we are in no way 100% sold on IG being back and having fixed all their problems. What we can be sure of however is that they are making improvements and are getting better at masking their weaknesses instead of just putting them on display for teams to exploit. Not to mention Rookie has been the rock of this team since the start of this split and IG’s win over TES is in no small part thanks to his insane individual play. Again, take IG’s position with a grain of salt. They could plummet down or climb even further going into next week. Truly the definition of a coin flip team for this split!

The second change we have is that Suning has made their way to the Upper Half as well. Granted they are barely hanging onto the spot but they continue to impress us despite our early split expectations for them not being very favorable. The most impressive pieces of this team are by far Hunafeng and Angel who are having breakout splits and are the core pieces of the Suning roster. We want to see this team continue their impressive run even further before we bump them higher, but for now they are a team which we deem as Top 10.

Lower Half

Some interesting changes have happened to our Lower Half. Both FunPlus Phoenix and G2 Esports are back here after having very disappointing performances last week. Just to be clear however, we are carefully monitoring both of these teams as their trajectory has been incredibly unstable and they keep going up and down every week. In the case of FPX picking up two wins against weakened EDG and OMG is nothing to brag about but it’s enough for us to bump them up in this section of the rankings. G2 had a similar although slightly weaker week as they suffered yet another surprise loss to Schalke 04 but somehow managed to find a way to beat Rogue, a team that we value quite a lot. It was in no small part to Rogue throwing the game but G2 still did enough to show us that they have fight left in them and they aren’t ready to throw in the white towel for this split.

Gen.G and Rogue also fall down to the Upper Half. In Gen.G’s case we still think in theory they are a Top 10 team, however their loss to DragonX and the large number of shifts in the rankings forced us to place them here. Granted they did win against Team Dynamics but beating a much weaker opponent than you is not enough to warrant their stay in the Upper Half at least for this week. To the Gen.G fans, fear not because they will very likely make their way back up these rankings next week! Rogue on the other hand suffered a surprise loss to G2 Esports after throwing the game in spectacular fashion. We don’t want to be too cruel because we still think Rogue is a very good team which is why we bumped them down only one spot. 

Cloud9 is the only team here that remains in the area they occupied last week. A win against a struggling Immortals and a loss against Team Liquid means that Cloud9 gets bumped down two spots. Simple as that!

Bottom 5

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The new additions to the Bottom 5 are T1 and Royal Never Give Up. In RNG’s case their decrease in the rankings is no surprise and is self-explanatory. But in T1’s case it may be puzzling for some. We do have our reasons though. The team was able to snatch a 2-1 win over Hanwha Life Esports, however their overall performance as a team coupled with continued individual blunders is what made us bump them down. Not to mention a team of T1’s calibre should be beating a bottom tier team like HLE without trouble. We want T1 to get better and climb up the rankings, both in ours and in the LCK ones. However the reality at the moment is that T1 is not that great and they will need to make strong improvements if they want to contest for the title.

The new addition for this week is Team Liquid who have made their way back to our rankings after exiting several weeks ago. With the lower level of NA as a region however, the best we can do is to have them occupy the last place spot for now. But with Origen’s 0-2 week in the LEC and TL’s surprise win against Cloud9, the former LCS champions have earned their spot here for the time being!

Thanks for reading as usual! When it comes to our judgement, we don’t get affected by how popular teams are or how much flack we will receive for posting controversial opinions. We only share our opinions, whatever they may be. And if you want to share yours, please do vote in the community rankings regularly to have your voice heard!