DraftBuff’s LoL Global Power Rankings: Summer Week 4

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Welcome to Week 4 of our Power Rankings! Apart from a couple of teams shifting quite a lot within the rankings, this week’s changes are very minor and with most teams either staying in their spot or climbing up or down by one spot. As usual here is the criteria that we follow:

1. Current placement in standings – Simply put, this reflects what position the team is in their own local league. It doesn’t take into account anything else other than their current placement in the standings.

2. Projected trajectory – This criteria is determined by what is the expected trajectory of a team. For example, G2 had a rough Week 1 in the 2020 Summer Split. But we take into account the fact that G2 is a powerhouse and one of the two most dominant teams in LEC history. With that in mind we expect them to shape up and get better throughout the split.

3. Expectations vs Results – This is similar to the projected trajectory except it takes it and compares it to what the reality is right now. If a team is expected to shape up but is struggling at the moment, we take that into account. Think of this criteria as a hybrid between the first two criteria we listed above!

4. Weekly individual performance for the players – Last but not least, this criteria is determined by how well the players are performing individually on the team. Simple as that!

Here are the Rankings:

1. TOP Esports 

2. DragonX (+1)

3. LGD Gaming (-1)

4. Victory Five 

5. DAMWON Gaming (+1) 

6. MAD Lions (-1)

7. FunPlus Phoenix (+4)

8. Cloud9

9. Team WE (+1) 

10. Rogue (-1)

11. T1 (+2)

12. JD Gaming (NEW)

13. Gen.G (-1)

14. G2 Esports

15. Royal Never Give Up (-8)

16. Afreeca Freecs

17. Suning  (NEW)

18. Origen 

19. Invictus Gaming (-2)

20. Team Dynamics (-5)

Top 5

Photo courtesy of kenh14

As usual Top Esports continues to retain their 1st place spot. Due to not playing since our last week’s power rankings, LGD had to get bumped down a little bit. However we didn’t want to be too harsh. This team is still good and will likely continue picking up wins so for now only bringing them down one spot is fair. This was also done to make room four our new #2 in DragonX! The LCK’s top dogs continue to be the only undefeated team in their respective league, similarly to Cloud9 and Top Esports. Things seem to be going well for the team as they aren’t having much trouble picking up their wins. Time will tell if they will keep it up or not.

Victory Five also continues to pick up wins which is why we’ve kept them in their spot for this week as well. We want to be careful with this team as they are truly impressive considering how young their roster is, however there is a good chance they may suffer losses as the split keeps going so we will tentatively keep them where they are for the time being. DAMWON Gaming rounds out the Top 5 after MAD Lions suffered a surprise loss to Misfits Gaming and had to get bumped down accordingly.

Upper Half

Not much has changed in the upper half aside from Team WE and Rogue swapping places due to their respective recent results. The big addition to this part of the rankings is FunPlus Phoenix climbing up more and more with each week. The reigning world champions still have some work to do to get back to their top form but they are making good progress on that and are looking better as weeks go by. If the team can figure out how to play on the same level with both GimGoon and Khan, we expect FPX to keep winning and climbing up even further.

Cloud9 remains in their 8th place spot as the level of NA continues to be poor and how good C9 is remains a mystery. Nevertheless a simple eye test shows that this team works very well together and is quite coordinated when it comes to team fights. That is enough to keep them just inside the upper half for now.

Lower Half

The biggest change here is Royal Never Give Up dropping quite a lot of spots and going from upper half to lower half in the span of one week. This isn’t attributed only to the team’s drop in form but also to other teams around them simply getting better. RNG is still a team that is trying to find its identity without Uzi to lead them, so drastic dips in quality from them is to be expected and it’s not surprising at all.

The LCK’s two powerhouse teams T1 and Gen.G are improving but both still need to show more to climb up and prove us wrong when it comes to placing them here. Gen.G in particular was easily dispatched by T1, while T1 themselves suffered a very convincing defeat to DAMWON Gaming.

The newest team to enter our power rankings is JD Gaming. The reigning LPL champions were noticeably absent from our rankings for some time, mostly due to their weak summer split start and their poor showing at the Mid-Season Cup. Nevertheless JDG is on the right path and has reached a 5-2 record. We don’t want to instantly put them in the Top 5 or Upper Half so for now we will place them here but as long as they keep doing well, they will easily climb higher as weeks go by due to how good they can be.

Bottom 5

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Suning is yet another new team that enters our power rankings. That being said we’re very much not sold on them yet and need to see more from them to place them any higher. They have a history of being inconsistent so we want to be careful with our assessment of them. Nevertheless they are currently a solid team and have a decent roster that can do well against a number of teams.

Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid have both lost their spot due to the quality of their games, whether it’s wins or losses. Team Dynamics was bumped down after a couple of losses but have been able to remain in the standings due to TL and EG both dropping, albeit they are just barely hanging on to the last place. To cap things off Invictus Gaming also took a hit after they lost decisively to JD Gaming and had some trouble beating a weak Dominus Esports. There’s no doubt that IG has the talent to climb up in these rankings but the quality of play that they show simply isn’t going to cut it. They risk losing their spot if their form doesn’t improve and gain some more consistency.

Thanks for reading as usual! When it comes to our judgement, we don’t get affected by how popular teams are or how much flack we will receive for posting controversial opinions. We only share our opinions, whatever they may be. And if you want to share yours, please do vote in the community rankings regularly to have your voice heard!