DraftBuff’s LoL Global Power Rankings: Summer Week 2

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Note: The addition of the LCK teams may cause an influx in the rankings. In Week 3 they will be more stable and radical shifts won’t happen like this week.

Howdy and welcome to Week 2 of our Global Power Rankings! We’ve read the feedback we’ve received and this week we’re going to try and give more reasoning behind our picks. With that being said, we don’t want to type out one or two sentences about every team as that isn’t very meaningful. We’re going to stick with the concept of giving an overall opinion, however this time around it’ll be split into four sections: Top 5 (1-5), Upper Half (6-10), Lower Half (11-15), Bottom 5 (16-20) . Hopefully this way we can give you a more clear look on why we rank the teams the way that we do! Other than that, the criteria remains the same from Week 1 and it’s as follows:

1. Current placement in standings – Simply put, this reflects what position the team is in their own local league. It doesn’t take into account anything else other than their current placement in the standings.

2. Projected trajectory – This criteria is determined by what is the expected trajectory of a team. For example, G2 had a rough Week 1 in the 2020 Summer Split. But we take into account the fact that G2 is a powerhouse and one of the two most dominant teams in LEC history. With that in mind we expect them to shape up and get better throughout the split.

3. Expectations vs Results – This is similar to the projected trajectory except it takes it and compares it to what the reality is right now. If a team is expected to shape up but is struggling at the moment, we take that into account. Think of this criteria as a hybrid between the first two criteria we listed above!

4. Weekly individual performance for the players – Last but not least, this criteria is determined by how well the players are performing individually on the team. Simple as that!

And here is the Top 20 list:

1. TOP Esports 

2. LGD Gaming 

3. Victory Five (+4)

4. DragonX

5. MAD Lions (+8)

6. Rogue (-3)

7. DAMWON Gaming

8. Royal Never Give Up 

9. Afreeca Freecs 

10. Cloud9 (-5)

11. Team WE (-5)

12. Fnatic (-8)

13. FunPlus Phoenix (-3)

14. G2 Esports (-2)

15. Origen 

16. Gen.G 

17. T1

18. Evil Geniuses (-3)

19. Team Liquid

20. Invictus Gaming

Top 5

Not a lot of people would argue against TOP Esports being first here. They remain the most dominant team ever since their triumph at the Mid-Season Cup. Arguments can be made against LGD Gaming, Victory Five and MAD Lions being so high. The reason why they are high is because they haven’t slowed down since their last week and continue to produce good results despite expectations for all three teams not being super high or super low. Not a lot of people could have predicted that after Week 2 in the LEC and Week 4, Day 2 in the LPL these three teams would all be sitting at 4-1. MAD Lions was somewhat hyped up due to their impressive Spring Split however being top of the standings in their region is certainly a little bit of a surprise. LGD and Victory Five on the other hand play in an incredibly stacked and competitive region and having such a record to start your season is quite impressive.

And finally we have DragonX in fourth place. It’s tough to rank the LCK teams because they just started their split. However we will give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they are probably on the same level as the LEC and slightly below the LPL. In this case it’s fair to rank DragonX in fourth after they won both of their matches in Week 1 of the LCK and those two wins were against Gen.G and T1, two of the LCK’s strongest teams last split.(TODO)

Upper Half

This is where it gets a bit tricky. For starters you may be wondering why Rogue is in sixth place and just outside the Top 5 while MAD Lions cracked the Top 5. The simple reason is that while Rogue is still impressive considering expectations for the team, as well as their players performing well, the fact that they lost to a weakened G2 Esports and prior to that had an easy schedule is slightly alarming. We’re not ready to jump off the Rogue hype train yet, but we’re keeping a close eye on the team.

Another noticeable change is Cloud9 dropping from fifth place to tenth place. There’s two reasons for that. The first is that with the addition of LCK teams to the fold, Cloud9 falls down by default due to playing in a weaker region. The LCS is especially weaker this year so it’s a bummer to rank C9 down like this, but it’s a fair assessment for the time being at least. The second reason is their inability to demolish Golden Guardians. After smashing Evil Geniuses you’d expect Cloud9 to smash a weaker team but that didn’t happen. In-fact there were moments where GGS fans had a glimmer of hope. Did Cloud9 still win the game? Yes they did and that’s all that matters. Was it a clean game? Absolutely! Did it go according to expectations? Maybe not entirely after we saw how hard C9 beat EG.

Lower Half

We’re starting to see the bottom of the barrel but we’re not quite there yet! With that being said, these teams are here because while they are still good, they have had a bad game or two, or have simply struggled even in wins. In the case of G2 Esports this couldn’t be more true. Even in their win against Schalke 04 (the weakest team in the LEC at the moment), they had to work for their win instead of just being the same old G2 we’re used to seeing and winning in dominant fashion. The fact of the matter is that expectations for G2 are high and remain high, so shaky wins like this aren’t going to help propel them up in these power rankings. With the addition of LCK teams, it’s natural that G2 would drop down a few spots. However we’re sure that with some time and effort, the European Champions will improve and will easily climb up.

The other four teams in this section of the rankings have had an okay season so far. Relative to the expectations we have of them, they aren’t lighting the world on fire but aren’t bad by any means. FunPlus Phoenix are the current world champions so we certainly expect more of them, but a 2-1 record to start off their Summer is a solid result. Team WE is noticeable down by five spots, but this is mainly due to the addition of the LCK teams.

Bottom 5

Here we are at the bottom. Before we continue, please keep in mind that these teams being bottom 5 doesn’t make them terrible. The mere fact that they are on this ranking shows that we consider them at the very least decent. With that being said, of all 20 teams, these 5 are definitely looking like the weakest. Starting off with T1 and Gen.G, both teams are quite low for LCK teams but there is a reason for that. In T1’s case it’s because their Week 1 showings were far from convincing. They suffered a loss to DragonX and quite possibly could have lost to Hanwha Life Esports too. Gen.G is in a similar boat. As the only team that advanced to the Knockout Phase of the Mid-Season Cup, we expected them to start off their split strong. But a loss also to DragonX and a hard earned win against KT Rolsters certainly doesn’t speak in favor of Gen.G being a top team. We do expect these teams to climb up the rankings as the split goes on, but for now we will put them here in the bottom five.

Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses find themselves at the bottom again. In the case of EG they dropped down from 15th to 18th but with the LCK teams entering the fray, that’s to be expected. The LCS is far too weak right now for us to put these two teams anywhere in the Top 15. Nevertheless they are solid and aren’t terrible. They simply aren’t good enough yet to be any higher. However, they are more stable than Invictus Gaming which is why IG remains in the last spot this week as well. They suffered a loss to LGD and TheShy still continues to struggle. Rookie is as good as always but with a very inconsistent jungler who can be both good and bad in Ning, IG will need to put in some hard work to climb up in these rankings.

Thanks for reading as usual! We hope this week’s rankings gave you more clarity on why we rank teams the way that we do. When it comes to our judgement, we don’t get affected by how popular teams are or how much flack we will receive for posting controversial opinions. We only share our opinions, whatever they may be. And if you want to share yours, please do vote in the community rankings regularly to have your voice heard!